Jeremy Anderson Mar 18

Enslaved within a world of privilege.
Born into a caste of rawhide bone reconstruction.

Forced to dance for others enjoyment.
Persuaded to serve as not to feel the aching belly of a starving cell.

Languages spoken by the host, which to me seem only foreign.
Tempted by lust withheld for my master exposed.

Chaotic fantasies of a family within the ranks.
By serving you I found my freedom.

Realeboga M Jul 2016

So I had something written down but then I completely erased it. It felt as if I wasn't saying much.

So I'll try this. In a relationship people always have this objective of trying to save someone. I don't know if that makes sense. But someone is always trying to be your hero. Like they feel that they have the power to make you feel safe yet be able to take that away from you. Because without a hero like maybe Superman or Spiderman where would the city be right?

But I think differently. Getting to know you made me realise something. I wanted to be my own hero so that I can be the best girlfriend ever. I wanted to be my batman so that I can protect you, my Gotham city.
But as time moved on. You opened wounded layers of me and you still are opening them. And you're by my side helping me close them. And then I thought to myself. Wow this girl is amazing.
She's not the typical I want to be your hero person any random person meets.

You showed me something about a relationship. It's not about being your own hero but that does play an important role. It's about finding someone who connects with you. It's about finding someone who's willing to help you with your journey. About finding someone who's helping save you. Someone who's by your side.
Like a sidekick. Most people think less of them. But look at Batman. He has Robin. And without him Gotham isn't safe.

Look at the Avengers as weird as it seems they have more than one person helping each other out.

Or even Spider-Man. He has his own guys with the help of Shield.

I'm getting to my point don't worry.

See the problem of having to be your own hero is that we have cracks that we can not get closure or get them filled alone. And for that we ignore them. And these cracks just keep on getting worse until we are at a point whereby we don't know. Literally we don't.

For example one of my cracks I have is my lack of confidence.
On my own. I would have probably ignored it or come up with a situation whereby I just need to lose more weight. I'd probably be anorexic by now.

But because I have someone like you. I'm finding ways of trying to appreciate myself. Because I'm a beautiful person. I'm a good kid. My baby says so and it's true.
You help me help myself be better. You're by my side as I try to save and find myself.

Which is something I want to do for you
It's something I'm going to do for you. I want to be your sidekick. Your Robin.
Opening up is hard. I know and I understand. I care so very deeply for you baby. Shucks I'm madly in love with you
I want what's best for you. I want you to have the most amazing life ever. I want your heart and mind free from everything that torments you.

But what I do not want to do is force you ever.
I will never get impatient with you. And even if you push me away. I'll stay right here and keep it solid.
Each time you're sad. I'll type the longest message ever. Especially if I can't get to you immediately

I love you. I really do
And I'm here. To talk or not, I know that sometimes we just need to be there for one another and not talk. Just for us to embrace each others presence and I'll be there for that

I'm your Reastar
Your girlfriend
Your best friend
I'm yours

ashley m Oct 2015

a mind full of questions
navigates future's direction

Alli Michelle Sep 2015

The innoncence is dying inside of me
With every exposure to evil tearing it out
No purpose in sewing these wounds
It's universally seen as normal
To lose an optimistic outlook

After this year it'll be completely vanished
I'll share the same laughter
But it will never reverberate again
Not after my innocence comes to an end

Aditi Kumar Sep 2015

Why does everyone say
That pain is a negative emotion?

I could not find a more positive one,
Anywhere I look.

Pain makes us see new colors
That never existed before.
Pain shows us words
That we couldn't speak before.
Pain guides my hand,
As I paint what I feel.
Pain makes my works of art masterpieces.
Pain builds a platinum wall around me,
And covers my heart with stone.
It exposes me till there is nothing left to show
Except my nobly bones.
It shows the world
The truest form of me.

Say what you will,
Try to move on as much as you want.
At the end of the day, you can be sure,
That pain will be
Your best enemy.

Pain is not negative. We all feel it. If something that hurts you is called negative, then the most extreme negative emotion is love.
Kimberly Lore Aug 2015

I fear that I am too much
That no one could ever see it all
That even I could not comprehend me
I have always been too easily
I fear that I am too honest
I tell when asked and
I answer all questions fully
When things need not be
I fear that I am too tough
I am not feminine enough
Violence is always an option
Words do not hurt me
I fear that I am too independent
I cannot help the way I was raised
In the middle of five children
I was surrounded yet
I fear that I am not capable of love
That all of these might hinder
Any progress before it has begun
That it might be lost, drowned within

I fear that I am too much to be loved

Nicholas Fogle Jun 2015

True self sits on a book shelf.
True self sits on a book shelf.
Knowledge esoteric unknown to it self.
Waiting for the right reader.
Hoping to be opened.
Anticipating the feel of it's page turned.
True self sits on a book shelf.
A genre unknown to it self among many books among many shelves.

We are all books as people are libraries with many shelves.
Waiting for that finger to bring us off the edge of shelf.
True self sit on a book shelf
waiting to be read.

SøułSurvivør May 2015




(C) 5/30/2015

Truly, what we don't say
reveals more about us
than a million keystrokes

Much like the spaces between the words

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