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Sirius Dec 2020
I'm sitting at the bottom of the pool.
       The chlorine stings;
the mesh of blue tastes like skin.
Like the privates of some bodies
daring to seep into the flakes.

            It's so peaceful here.
The allegro of my heart- thump. thump. thump.
blocks out the voices
       rippling above.  
Children cackling,
a mother moaning,
    a lifeguard crying.    
     I open my mouth
                                    to let the roofied indigo flush my body
like codeine on my droughted tongue,                          
so we have no secrets.
So I am not the only one to see the ugly.            
                                    Water slides off my *******, thighs,
and all the parts of me the mirror doesn't see,
until everything around me is water
             taking away the hotness from my cheeks;
I almost travel time -
palming my wrinkled fingers and toes -
which crumble like chrysanthemums.

The view wavers
and I quint to the dissociating shiny, yellow arms,
giggling when they tickle my voided pits.

I feel like sleeping,
but I think I need a breath?
A little sputter - a small gasp.

Better come up before I drown.
I'm sad
M Vogel Dec 2020
D Vanlandingham

I could not help it,
but to show you how the moment felt,
and in the unfolding of a picture, painted;
the deepest of your dreams were unknowingly shown to you
And it caught you off guard-  having, to that day..

   you never imagined,  it possible.

But you did not yet understand that you wear your dream
somewhere within the thin-walled interminglings
of the word's first primal, urgings..  and its out-into-the-light-of-day,
manifestations... (and baby, I feel like crying right now)
but I will continue
I will continue--

You never signed up for this,  I know..
but you are the one who  chose
to allow your war-torn heart,
to keep on beating//
your flame-scorched lungs,  to keep on breathing..
and now look at this mess, my beautiful--
your beautiful-everything has bled out on to me

and  everywhere that I am..  I am wearing you

And all I do  is tell you what it feels like  to wear you
but in doing so, I made known  your dream
and somehow-- within the stretch of Love's ache's, bad luck
I have become hated  for making your secret, come true--

         the revealing of the dream,  made known ::

                                                the Unfolded you.

And now, you are raging
because you never imagined, the possibility
that there would be someone  out there
that would care  enough about you
to become able  to see..

(and a man became hated, for just being  me).

Yet, even now  to this day,  beloved;
I close my eyes, and smile
within the depths,

  of your deeply loving, hatred.

The smell of rain and streetlight, thrown
a love, a lantern in the snow
when she feels it taking hold
she finds it so hard letting go
How can I tell her that we'll shine?
She dreads the devil's yet to show;
so **** reluctant to expose it to me,  so..


(it has been years of this, my beautiful)

I love you.
Jamesb Aug 2020
Sometimes words are weapons
Add an s or a certain order and
They will cut to the bone,
Eviscerate a  bowel,
Destroy a dream,
End a life,
Break a lovelorn heart

Other times sans s fronted
They caress a weary cheek,
Lift up a tired soul
And reassure a faltered
Dream that its time
Too will come to
Faultless fruition

We speak thousands of words
Every day of our lives
Without thought,
And spoken they come
With added edges and jagged spurs
Of intonation, tone,

Or with balm for healing,
Warmth for the cold
Respite for the bewildered
Mind and soul
Lifting up repairing all
And making good
On harm

But beware the poem
Most of all! for it
Is a fearsome trap
For the unready author
Who writhes upon the created flow
Struck from their own verse
Read well by another,

For poems tell our truth
Warts and all,
And like singing lay us bare
To critic judge and common herd,
Who hear, absorb
And find us whole and
Nowhere left to hide,

We are forced to face
Reaction to our souls and hearts
Captured upon a pen's point,
Pinned to a board or a page
And read aloud
Where all can see

And what do you hear?
What do you see?
My God you see
The real and naked,,
The one and only,
Reflecting a shared moment (which lasted an age) with  another poet here when I sent more than I realised and they heard their own read with passion and truth.

Not so much bruising as a unique exposure to someone who knows me  and I them, rather better than we either may have intended. I wonder if this resonates with anyone else here?
Anais Vionet Jul 2020
I've got a reading!
And the venue's all sold out.
It's an old phone booth
that some company threw out.

Standing room only
you can get in by arrangement
I'll just hop out
for the term of your engagement.

If you show up
you won't even need a mask
'cause you'll be standing
on the far side of the glass.

My voice sounds muffled
in the sound-proof enclosure
so my poetry won't really
be getting much exposure.

For my fan base
it's the ideal place to show.
See, I can do the reading
and no one else will know.
A humorous look at poetry exposure
Big Virge Mar 2020
These Days It Seems ... " EXPOSURE And SHAME " ...
Seem To Be The Themes By Which Most Now Play …

Playing The Game of Lying Away … !!!
About Who They Are ... In Their World of FARCE … !!!!!

When It Comes To The Brothas' …
It Seems To Be That These Words Get … "Smothered" … !!!

"Who Jah Bless No Man Curse … !!!
Why Ya Wanna Hurt Your Brother First … ?"

Over What … A Piece of White Skirt ... !?!
When You Seem To Be On ... "Black people were first " ... ?!?

Sometimes I REALLY Feel To CURSE …. !!!
When Brothers EXPOSE How They REALLY Roll … !!!

But Enough About Them And All Their NONSENSE … !!!

Exposure For Most Can Cut TOO CLOSE ... !!!
To The TRUTH They Deny Behind Their Lies …

Like Claiming You're Single In Online Profiles …
When ... ***** Calls Signal …
The Lies Behind What Online You Hide …

If You Think I'm Wrong …
Just Check Out The Movie …

..... " Tall Hot Blonde !!! " …..

So Many EXPOSE Flaws In Their Soul … !!!
That It's Hard To Believe Much That We Now See …. !!!!!

And What's ... Presented To Ears …
That People Now … " HEAR " … !!!

" I would NEVER hurt you !!! " .........

Is A Line That's Used By The Kind of Dudes ...
Whose Moves …. AREN'T COOL .… !!!!!

Like IGNORANT FOOLS Who Seem To Confuse … ?!?
Your Saying NO ... As Some Kind of Joke …

I've Met So Many Now …
In My Life Who Live … " FOUL " ... !!!!!!

That I'm Now Inclined ...
To AVOID ... Their Vibe … !!!

Cos' It NEVER Feels Right …
To Be Around The Energies …
They Choose To Stand by … !!!

Like ******* On Your Chi …
Because Theirs' … CAN'T Provide …

A Way For Them To Just ACCEPT …
That When They Meet … Energies COLLIDE ... !!!!!

So They Try To ... "SQUEEZE" ...
What They ... CLEARLY SEE …

Spirits And Souls ... That Are TRULY FREE … !!!!!

So Sometimes Man ... Need To Stand ALONE …
And DISMISS Gangs of Cliques With … " CLONES " … !!!!!!

Who ... AREN'T Your Friends … !!!!!
Exposure ENDS All Their Pretence.
And Defends Against Those IRRATIONAL Heads …
Who Talk of Respect But Prefer VIOLENCE … !!!

Well …..

So They Say From ..................................................... FAR AWAY ... !?!
It Seems That They're AFRAID To Say Things ... Face To Face … !!!

Now … Why Would That Be … ?
If They REALLY Believe They've Been DISRESPECTED … !!?!!

Cos' Their Mind's Been INFECTED …..
With … SO MANY LIES … !!!!!!

That When TRUTH Inflicts Them … !!!
They ….......................................... RUN And Confide …
To Those With Convictions ... That Aren't Water Tight … !!!!!

Many Are … " Artists " …
Who Think They're The HARDEST … !!!!!!

Until They Feel ... " REAL " …
From … Wordsmiths of STEEL  … !!!!!

The Type That REVEALS … !!!
In Fact YES … EXPOSES … !!!!

That Their Daily Meal ….
Is BOGUS And Closest To Food That's ATROCIOUS … !!!!!!!!!!!!

They Should Know That It's HOPELESS To Start Giving Notice …

That They're Gonna Pull Some Violent Moves .... !!!!!
When It Comes To These Pranksters And ARTISTIC Gangsters ...

Masta Ace Said It … BEST … !!!

"I do like A FEW of these rappers, NOT MANY !"

Cos' Their Mental's ... UnStEAdy ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And CAN'T Stand The TEST
Their LACK of TRUE DEPTH … !!!!!

Which Is Why Simple Truth …
KEEPS HURTING Their Heads … !!!!!

I DON'T Deal In Threats … !!!
It Doesn't Make Sense … !?!

When Still Our Black Children Are KILLING Each Other …
So Who Is The VILLAIN And Who Is The … " Brother " … ???

Exposure Uncovers The PAINFUL TRUTH … !!!

From Mothers To Colours That Give LIVING PROOF …
of The NEED To Set Quotas On These Human Cobras … !!!!!!


When Facing …..

..... " EXPOSURE " …..
It's not something that everybody is so comfortable with, when it comes to who they truly be, and how they truly move ......
Nylee Oct 2019
I was never this vulnerable before,
with the increasing exposure
I feel it all the time
So coward and not confident at all.
The changes occured in these few years
have boosted up my lingering fears.
The world has changed,
while I'm still the same.
Nigdaw Aug 2019
You pull me apart
Like petals from a flower,
Love me, love me not
Tearing at my very being,
Until my innards are exposed
For all the world to see,
But no beauty in my nakedness,
Just exposure
Of my anatomy.
Kathleen Jul 2019
Oh dear.
I fear I've made a history of myself.
All the paperwork is blowing in the wind.
Don't look at all my personal transactions.
Don't look at the mess I've made of my short life.
I've thought twice about the whole lot of it.
I've made amendments to every one of my thoughts and I don't trade in them anymore.
I've made memories I wish expunged from the record of existence.
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