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M Solav Dec 2019
So we may be taken — there
without further adieu,
As the morning sun — shines
on the morning dew.

connecting two dots,
In immediacy,
what we have lost!

Among the lunatic — and
the natural fraud,
We stand unprepared — so
ready to applaud.

connecting two dots,
In immediacy,
what we have lost!
Written in July 2017.

— Copyright © M. Solav —
This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Proctor Ehrling Jul 2019
in a brief moment of silence
between the laughter and the violence
before my face was caught in brawl
after i said what i should not
right in the moment of misfortune
when i briefly felt tortured
right as i felt i was a *******
and then i collapsed down on my ***
in that moment of regret
why did i say what i have said
i should have thought about it first
and now my face got stamped with fists
but i guess we learn from our mistakes
attackers getting dragged away
im being asked if im okay
of course i am, it aint my first fist-crash
i shake it off and start acting like a ****** afresh
though his reaction was rather spastic
guess thats what i get for being actively sarcastic
about my inability to be serious and how i often come off as an ******* in conversations, leading to unfortunate outcomes. the pseudo-poem written in 8 minutes.
Nina May 2019
How do I move on
When I'm not ready to let go?
How can I live my life
Knowing you're no longer by my side
Nina May 2019
I thought I was ready
For the day you will walk away
I swore i was prepared for it
But hell was I wrong
When I stumbled to the floor
With tears rolling down my eyes
The moment you left
Left me for good
Kiara Hoxie Apr 2019
I am unsteady
Unable to cope with these thoughts
With each new trouble I'm never ready
Unprepared for what life has thrown
Feeling as if I could choke
On these memories I own
I'm not worthy of what is good
But not deserving of the evils
If I could erase the past I would
And still I can't forget what I should
Maya Sep 2018
how to have a good
haiku: make sure you do not
run out of sylla-

Diana Garcia Aug 2018
Ive never felt to ******* beautiful
Shedding the dead weight and everything that's not very useful
Words Ive been craving to hear
sharing ideas, ideals with intentions that are clear
My only hope is that none of this will start to disappear
& and my only disadvantage was you saw right through me
Reading the signals like they're poetry
You see past the charade I use to hide pain and fallacies
Helping me pick up the broken pieces
Barking up my tree even though its leafless
Telling me Ive got to grow
theres more to me that i should start to show
you cant stand seeing me at a level so low
im faster to let my blood boil and square up to go toe to toe
for you, I soften up
beginning to see I don't have a half empty cup
its half full now that you've come into my life
is it too soon to start talking about how i want to be your wife?
so this guy came in and told me hes had a crush on me for 7 years...
Alec Dec 2017
If you want to save the world
Prepare for just bad news
You can not save the heartless and cruel
You can not change the unwaverable

You can not convince those who refuse to see.
You can not help those who do not ask
Your love means nothing to those who don't love you back

Prepare for utter disappointment
For it is not a 'you give and you take' it is a 'you give and they get'
There is no balance to them
No yin and yang
No give and take
Only get and take
And a sweet, innocent personality to fake

But it's all an illusion
You mean nothing to them
You keep wasting hours and hours
Doting on them, but only giving them more power
Power over you that gets to their head
An infectious disease

They now hold everything over you, and all you can do is plead.
Plead for them to stop
Plead for them to let this drop
Plead for them to leave you alone
You wanted to help, not feel hate like you’ve never known.

How were you to know this hate existed?
You’d grown up in a world where people always listened.
This is completely new to you
These collective hateful, restricting, and narrow minded views

You wanted to save the world.
But the world didn’t want to be saved by you.
Danielle L Cook Apr 2017
a whispered word
here and there
like I'm not trying

feeling scared and
almost like I'm dying
you mean well but honestly
when has it ever helped me?
EM Feb 2017
It took me all night to fix this moon
See, I once thought night was a tricky thing

I don't know how to put it
It feels different in the day
Like coherence slips with the rhythm of this sound

A whispering demand of not to think
now the world is in mute

I gaze my body floating in the middle of the afternoon
The moon I made is showing an unknown side
And my only point of reference is burning my eyes

The day was not supposed to act like that
At times I am most unprepared for
Demanding moons I've never made before

So night comes, and I toss my moon around
When the day arrives again, I'll be waiting in the ground
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