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Janna B Dec 2020
Something beautiful
about being thrown,
at sea
in a whole new world -
is really seeing people.
Really talking
and connecting,
because I’m more open
and before I had
closed walls.
Karijinbba Apr 2020
As seen by:
Hubble Space Telescope's iconic view,
of the Pillars of Creation!
In the Eagle Nebula constellations
of stars, as viewed through Hubble's
magnificent eye glorious images
sent to Earth tickling all senses.
fine tunning imagination.

You were there with that infinite
gesture of love connecting us
across time and space.
How easy tears fall to this
intergalactic outer space truth.

Two brains one single thought.
Indeed you are everywhere that
I look away even not to think!

Eagle nebula is also known
by another name officially
at Hello Poetry
us two dancing, singing
ever so lovely gracefully,
here in poem.

" Star seeds Rdd/Bba!1974-75
=Until the end of time.
BY: Karijinbba-04-20-2020
Copy Rights apply.
Hope you are free healthy and enjoying life.
Question On October 27th 2019 going quail hunting do you eat what you ****? The Steers Boars Deer? Do you eat them? Just curious
(! :*):::::::::
Little white bird inscribed in a blue sky
Daily tweets

White circle inscribed in a square, instant frames, magenta stories

White’n blue, face in a book
What’s on your mind

Pure black ink, on a white page
Thoughts and words
Everybody loves a story
M Solav Dec 2019
So we may be taken — there
  without further adieu,
As the morning sun — shines
  on the morning dew.

    connecting two dots,
  In immediacy,
    what we have lost!

Among the lunatic — and
  the natural fraud,
We stand unprepared — so
  ready to applaud.

    connecting two dots,
  In immediacy,
    what we have lost!
Written in July 2017.

— Copyright © M. Solav —

This work may not be used in entirety or in part without the prior approval of its author. Please contact for usage requests. Thank you.
Rose Mar 2019
a snapshot in time
i knew in that moment
you didn’t know my heart
but in that small moment
we were an endless stream
of warmth spinning by our eyes
colors blending into paint
and these hearts
for a moment
those times where if feels like you connect- really connect. but sometimes nothing can stop the spell from breaking.
William A Poppen Aug 2018
Let me look really intending to see

How soft and graceful your smile can be

Let me gather every furrow’s wrinkle and dip

Each purposeful twist upon your lip

Sensing every fear, anger and envy

Let me escape judgments of thee

And keep all distractions away from me

While I am collecting all of your script

Let me look, really intending to see

Summon each emotion be it sad or happy

Amass all your thoughts, goals and worry

Reflect, rephrase, without a slip

All pain, plight, dilemma, and witty quip

And in the end realize the need to let you be

Let me look, really intending to see
Kerstin Feb 2017
In the darkness
Lies understanding
We are all alone
In my heart lies the facts
I am always with you
And you with me
Love connects us
Unable to be broken by others
And stronger every day
Lora Lee Jul 2016
Under this canopy
of dark
gleaming stars
I now sit
allow my body
to take residence
in the aura
of my own
      let thoughts
             of reason
         slowly unravel
until they
connecting my
mind but
releasing it
to the air
Molecules, like
the tiniest of crystals,
gently whir
             about me
in almost
invisible stirrings
letting the power
of energy centers
take over:
    for my root
            for I am
          to this earth
       Orange, for
the passion
so strong
                and truly knowing
         my own worth
Yellow, for
            my gut,
                instincts open
              and a-light
       expanding into
universes, broadening
my sight
Then my heart
washed through and through
in shades of green
its own incandescence
filled with verdant,
                     fiery sheens
It beats a lantern
of vitality
in this ocean of pain
sending a beacon in
the darkness
helping to break old,
prompt them to
         snap like rusty chains
Here it pumps in growth of
leafy, budding  light
Guiding my spirit
      in ripeness full and bright

I rise up
into the
of my throat
as words burst forth
                        in surges,
in the salty froth
of ocean spirals
             they float,
get pulled by
mysterious urges
Like waterfall mist
just kissing
the tips of eyelash
these words that
have the power
                 to calm
or make my blood
                 run quicker
And then:
the deep purple
of my crown
that tapers into
a shimmering white
          and I know
I can now
receive myself,
calm, in queenly
presence of mind
of spirit
in my highest
                  form of
I went out last evening and sat under the stars
centered myself
in a kind of meditation
and this poem was born

Yes, imagery of seven chakras, or energy centers, each represented by a color,  are present within it
Just Melz Mar 2016
There's nothing more romantic
          in my eyes
        Than holding your hand
   And talking about our lives
          Because in my mind
The only thing better than the fantasy
        Is the intimacy I feel
  When it's just you and me
Sapiosexual: Finding someone's intelligence to be their most sexually attractive feature.

For DaSH, the sexiest and smartest man I know. <3
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