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Proctor Ehrling Jul 2019
in a brief moment of silence
between the laughter and the violence
before my face was caught in brawl
after i said what i should not
right in the moment of misfortune
when i briefly felt tortured
right as i felt i was a *******
and then i collapsed down on my ***
in that moment of regret
why did i say what i have said
i should have thought about it first
and now my face got stamped with fists
but i guess we learn from our mistakes
attackers getting dragged away
im being asked if im okay
of course i am, it aint my first fist-crash
i shake it off and start acting like a ****** afresh
though his reaction was rather spastic
guess thats what i get for being actively sarcastic
about my inability to be serious and how i often come off as an ******* in conversations, leading to unfortunate outcomes. the pseudo-poem written in 8 minutes.
Jamie Rose Nov 2017
I didn't want to send you pictures of my body
Naked and vulnerable
I told you no
You say please
I say no
You get angry
How dare I not fold like paper under your command
"You're just a little ****" you say
You called me a **** for not wanting to strip for you
You called me a **** because I did not let you control me
I am not a ****
I am not your puppet
Don't whisper these lies into my ear after tearing me apart with just your words
Don't tell me you're sorry
You meant what you said
Jireh Sevilla Nov 2017
hi, read the title
prolly you are
catching ladies’ eyes
hatching new chicks
every now and then
tell tales
writing promises
on water
play with their feelings
say you only love one
oh geez there’s alot
read again the title
making someone
fall deeply
and stuck
wont make you cool

hola, read again the title
im not being oppressive
there’s a reason we all
have given you this title

7 words

someone i know
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
What is your wildcard, gals?
Did you get a *******, or a pal?
For some, it's standing room only,
Women work, men sit down, TV moanies,
It's called the wildcard for women,
Is he a snag or a caveman?
Feedback welcome.
Axle Avatari Apr 2016
Mr. Sly.
Always catchin',
The ladies eye.
Always hatchin',
Another chick.
You don't even have to try.
You're to slick,
Mr. Sly.

Mr. Sly.
You're so sweet.
But not too shy,
To the women you meet.
You're so nice,
An' too cool.
Sometimes cold like ice.
'Cause you ain't nobody's fool.
Mr. Sly.

Mr. Sly.
You howdy an' Mam 'em.
Take them so high.
Just to slam-bam them.
An' then say good-bye.
You don't walk,
You fly.
Listen to you talk,
Mr. Sly.
About a guy I knew, breifly.

I thought he was an ***.
Jack Gladstone Aug 2014
listening to French pop
"I'll have liked it when it was cool before it get's cool"
sriracha sauce on pesto pizza
"The waiter was right the flavors are very complimentary to the palate."
watching a ****** "me" movie
"wow their color usage in the lighting really shows the Giallo Italian horror influence"
Listening to the Friendly Indians
"My favorite band? They are only popular in Orange County so you've probably not heard of them.... oh you have?"
watching Un Chien Andalou
"tres interessant"
reading Sartre and Nietzsche
"my favorite philosophers man."

my pretention leaking out slowly to reveal I'm just a ******* underneath this finely unkempt exterior.
Is that changing? Well no but i thought you should know anyway.
Jordyn Dennis Jun 2014
My first mistake was letting the hands of an unfaithful man touch me in ways a faithful mans should’ve.

My second mistake was letting the unfaithful mans words take my broken heart and break it even more.

My third mistake was letting the unfaithful man convince me to think being ignored is okay and to expect everyday he’d call back,

But my last mistake was letting myself believe he would’ve stayed if i did everything he wanted me to.
warning: dont try to convince yourself youre in love just to please the peson trying to *******.

— The End —