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Kleigh Jan 2022
You are a masterpiece
I am a broken piece
I love everything about you
You are very close to my heart
Do you also feel the same?
I hope you also think about me
My feelings are visible
As you read this letter
Even though we love each other
Yet it's not enough for us to live together
So I share my emotions in sentences
And finally closing our chapter in my last words...
I loved you~
To the man that I loved the most, I hope you doin' best and the happiest ~
This is the English translation of my Japanese written poem
E E Mellings Oct 2021
I want to fade into the walls and hide, like memories or bad dreams or a fleeting look we think we spy among crowded eyes. A pipe dream, to live up to even memories of those who’s been before me, or even left the room before me, even while my heart still pumps that
Fluid round my veins,
I’ll never be as good as them. Or funny. Or handsome.
The only impressive thing about my legacy is the pain it causes me. Irony.
I’ll never live up to their memory, my life almost ethereal, sounds and smells and sights flow through me, not too me.
Like I walking memory I wander through the streets I call my home, my mind, doomed to tread the prints of those greater, more refined, who’s time was spent with people who would look at them, not through them. Like I am a hazy window into the rest of the world.
Those who came before me, who’s thrones I travel by and through, their legacy, endless in its torment of my opaque existence, became my legacy, of laughter, at my expense, ridden for the brief high it gave.
All I leave this meagre and transparent world, is a shadowed memory, and words.
Cas Jan 2021
Never fall in love with a poet.

They'll cut you with pretty words

And leave your heart bleeding out like ink on a page.
Kenneth Gray Dec 2020
Do or don't?
Just get it done!
Cause I don't wanna be
The only one
Left behind

The task at hand?
It is what God demands
Cause He doesn't want me
To be
The only one
Left behind

Will I succeed?
I am sure indeed
Cause it's the Lord's will
It is what He does need
The assurance for me
That I won't be
Left behind

Halt no more?
Of this I am sure
Cause if I do not
My spirit will rot
Then I will find
Left behind

Out of time
With no reason or ryhme?
Cause if so,
I'm not worth a dime
If I wind up being
The only one left behind

Spiritual warfare?
There's a battle at hand
To warn all the others
An honor so grand
Cause all of us know
We prefer
Not to be ******

Its time to go
And all of us know
Cause its time to change direction
And don't go with the flow
So take up your paddles
And vigorously row

Row and row
And take part in the grind
And in due time
You will find
Not left behind

Tis my warning
My warning for all of you
Cause the time is coming
I know this to be true
The time for each and every
One of us to find
Which ones will be left
The ones left behind
Gotta get it off my chest. Maybe all of us should look inward and see where we really stand.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
Black hole
Broken heart
You've taken sacred love
and torn it apart
Now I'm left
In utter darkness
Did you ever love me from the start?

Black hole
Broken heart
Love is null
Torn apart

Black hole
Broken Heart
Your love is void
Love did depart
Now I'm trapped
In nothingness
You surely did impart

Love does not just "disappear"
Love conquers all and conquers fears
Love does endure so many tears
Love is victorious the moment it appears

Therefore, I must believe this one fact alone
As my beating, pain filled heart does groan
That you have abandoned me and turned your heart to stone
Along with the absolute apathy you have surely shown

Now, in a black hole
With a broken heart
Love did die
Love torn apart
I've made mistakes
Can I restart?
My "wife" left me and apparently stopped loving me. Now I'm left with a nothingness and pain and dunno what to do about it. Just trying to get some of it off my chest.
Maria Hernandez Sep 2020
"As long as I
don't lose you
I am ok"

Those words will forever
be embedded in my brain,
because you still left me
what a shame.
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