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Josiah Bates Oct 4
The sky over peach hill
Was dulcet last I looked,
Without a hint of clammy March
In the middle of a bright July

The sky over peach hill
Had clouds surrounding the kites,
My girl and I would stare for hours
As hot-air balloons passed by

That sky over peach hill
Ever soft, ever sweet.
That was the place where I found
That life passes in a sigh

The peaches fell,
And august came.
My girl went away,
I was left behind.

The sky over peach hill
Looks a little darker now.
But I know once winter ends
The kites will fly again
KMH Sep 28
You go out late
at night, and i stay here,
picking up the pieces
of the mess you left behind.

(i am the mess you left behind
and i spend the night
picking up the broken
pieces of myself
© KMH 2019
elish Sep 1
i cant speak
and open up my feelings
but i am not mute

i always listen
but whenever i try to explain
i am not being heard
maybe they're deaf.
its hard to reach out when no one wants to hear you out.
fray narte Jul 29
I let myself
make sanctuaries
in the crest of your lips;
they were eventually
washed away by the rush
of midnight coffees.
I let myself spell out your name
with the first letters
of my unsent emails
in exchange for a sigh of poems.
I let myself kiss the rims of my teacup
the way I kissed you
two days before you left.
I let myself ignore
the pile of dishes
to trace the tile grouts
that connect to your heartbeat,
and it led to a void
of dismantled veins
and arteries.

I let you
leave the littlest
specks of your scent
on my pillows,
I let you
dance with me
like my favorite sunset hue
danced with the sky
and soon,
the dusk came
and the music notes
and the piano tunes
all faded away.
I let you
write your name
in-between the lines
of my favorite songs
and now all I got
are mixtapes that scream
for you to come back,
darling, as if the cracks in my  voice
and the rips in my lungs
weren't enough.

I let you
sparkle like a big-city-dream
to small-town girl;
let you carve your lies
at the tip of my cigarettes.
I let myself
dream of cuddle nights
and picket-fence
kinda happy ever afters.
I let myself
walk in pj's
and bask in the ruins
of the weekend
that you left.

And darling,
maybe it wasn't because
you didn't love me;

maybe it was because I didn't love myself.
Nina Jul 2
My friends asked me
Who is that guy?
Is he your boyfriend?
You always go out with him?

And all I can say is.
We are just friends.

Obviously it seem like a lie
But it's the sad truth
There was nothing more between us.

My workmates asked me
Do you have a boyfriend?
Who is that guy in your phone?
He's your boyfriend right?

And it pains me to say
He's just a friend

Every single time
With tears in my eyes
With the stinging pain feeling to say it out
We were just friends
Or used to be at least.
AnxiousOcean May 29
I am not very certain
if being alone makes one strong.
Because if it is,
then I'd rather be weak.
You've always wanted me to be strong,
to be better, to be cold, to be a stone;
yet all I've ever wanted is for you to stay.
Would you consider me weak?
I care not--
even Adam needed an Eve.
Maybe I am not afraid to be alone;
I'm just afraid that you'd leave.
Nina May 23
I thought I was ready
For the day you will walk away
I swore i was prepared for it
But hell was I wrong
When I stumbled to the floor
With tears rolling down my eyes
The moment you left
Left me for good
Nina May 21
I didn't like him at first
But something about him made me love him
Something about him made me want him
We got so close
And I thought I could finally call him mine
But as the time past by
The closer we got,
The more distant I feel we have become
And that's when I fear,
Him leaving me,
When I thought I could fall in love
But end up falling in isolation
Darryl M May 8
I’m tired of the gifts.
Mxm, why don’t you bring me you?

I’m giving my all. It’s still not enough.
Are you the wrong person for me?

I really loved you. I really did.
Loved your personality, I still do.

I don’t know when I stopped loving you.
I really don’t.
But what I had for you, was really dope.
Every moment with you, gave me hope.
Do I want you now? That’s a strong nope.

I hate dropping you.
But it’s time to be bold.
See now, you’re the past.
Time to see what the future holds.

Is love really this killing?
Or are you just an Undertaker?
I guess I have to take this with a grain of salt.
Even though you’re the one I ever sought.
Now I got a lot of things I need to sort.

You used to be the one I loved.
The one I never wished to see torn apart.
Now we’re torn apart.
Here, take your part.

I want you to feel the weight of what I felt.
I want you to know what a ‘No’ feels like.
I had a crush on you,
now you’ll get crushed too.

Ready or not. Watch me leave.
We’re a mess, it’s like an old weave.

This is not revenge.
It’s what you gave me.
One of those Amateur writings...
Completed: 29th December 2017 [22:43 PM]
Inspired by: Kwesta feat. Thabsie – Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe song.
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