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Kenneth Gray Nov 4
Black hole
Broken heart
You've taken sacred love
and torn it apart
Now I'm left
In utter darkness
Did you ever love me from the start?

Black hole
Broken heart
Love is null
Torn apart

Black hole
Broken Heart
Your love is void
Love did depart
Now I'm trapped
In nothingness
You surely did impart

Love does not just "disappear"
Love conquers all and conquers fears
Love does endure so many tears
Love is victorious the moment it appears

Therefore, I must believe this one fact alone
As my beating, pain filled heart does groan
That you have abandoned me and turned your heart to stone
Along with the absolute apathy you have surely shown

Now, in a black hole
With a broken heart
Love did die
Love torn apart
I've made mistakes
Can I restart?
My "wife" left me and apparently stopped loving me. Now I'm left with a nothingness and pain and dunno what to do about it. Just trying to get some of it off my chest.
"As long as I
don't lose you
I am ok"

Those words will forever
be embedded in my brain,
because you still left me
what a shame.
Khadeja Aug 2
you said you'd never go
you said you'd always stay
you said you had loved me
you said I'd never be alone
you said you'd never
                                                    but where are you now?
Lily May 6
when you fall
if he doesn't catch you
if he takes his time or he isn't bothered

do not question your worth
question him
Kelsey Apr 17
The petals of spring sank beautifully in the puddles of rain as she traded her sneakers for heels, entered the back of the black car and drove away for the last time.
Raven Mar 11
If my feelings were written in words
The lines would never end

A never ending story
Of pages filled with nothing
And everything at once

As if my life was nothing more
And without wouldn't be at all

Now everything that is
Sits quietly in your hand
And without a single glance

I am put back
In just another ones dusty shelf
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