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You have no idea...
How sorry I am...
That I just couldn't be there...
For you...

3 days a week
You bring me to the floor, my knees so weak
Where are you? Being to loose sleep
Thinking about all the little secrets,
That only you would make me keep
Hands on your mocha waist, our time was free
Chestnut hair and spruce lit eyes, heart on my sleeve
Rapper was I, you helped me achieve
AEOU like you never needed me
Summer jobs, smoking hard wee..
Don't remember, was like living in a dream
When reality kicks in, you were all of me
Back then it was hard too see
Pull myself together but why did you have to leave...

So let me know
I can't do this on my own
When I'm lost, you are there for I know
When I'm drunk, I'm stumbling home
Crawl into bed and question why I'm alone
Why I'm alone...
Why I'm alone...

3 months passed, and your with someone else
Feel no feelings like you left me on the shelf
With nobody to blame I only blame myself
A downward spiral, ****, drugs and drink, I think I'm needing help
But how can I pull myself out of the grave I dug myself
Occurs to me what could've been, if I'd only seen
Wish I'd felt sooner, bodies under bedsheets
Fingertips graze down your neck to your feet
Open fields await, lights dimmed, it's getting hard to see
No one else would treat you so clean
Closer and closer to me I'll keep,
You and I would've have never been
Either way I'd have given you all of me...

So let me know
I can't do this on my own
When I'm lost, you are there for I know
When I'm drunk, I'm stumbling home
Crawl into bed and question why I'm alone
Why I'm alone...
Why I'm alone...

6 months down the line
Trying to pretend I'm doing fine
With nobody left it's only to myself I'm lying
100 miles away is that worth flying
I've never see you so happy
You had me so sweet like candy
Stash my love to the way side
I can't hide it...
But even though I'm feeling sporadic
When your heading back from work and
Your stuck in 5pm traffic
Just remember to look ahead and know
Once you arrive home
Just know there for you
And I'll be waiting for alone...
I'm sorry
Your silence is the way you tell me
You don't really care
The way you say you'll be there
When your never really there
They way your eyes look through me
Like I'm not here at all
The way you've let me go
The way you've let me fall
How you never hear me
When I'm about to lose it all
Even when I'm screaming
Even when I have to crawl
They way your shoulder moves away
When you said that I could lean
The way your words are either
Too gentle or too mean
The way you say you hate your life
But only next to me
The way you say you understand
But never really see
The way you think I'll let you down
Isn't really fair
Your silence is the way you tell me
You don't really care
I think,
The most pain one is not who goes,
But the one who left behind.
The one who goes left the memories with the left one,
And the left one is keeping the memories with the one who goes.
"You're slowly killing me."
I whispered before you leave,
But you didn't hear.

Everything was just as it should be-
You and me,
A relationship full of glee.

***** little secrets,
Late night conversations,
Questions that come in randomly.

Everything was going well.
No fights, no lies.
No hurts, no broken promises.

But you failed to notice,
Time has been an issue,
You're too busy for me.

"Sorry I got busy, good night"

Suddenly we seldom talk
You got tired.
I got tired.

You got tired of me,
I got tired of you,
But why are we still together?

Is it because we're scared of being alone?
Is it because all of our efforts will be put to waste?
Is it because we don't want to see each other with someone new?

Or is it just me?
I know I'm feeling a bit empty,
I know I'm too hard to handle.


I think you're slowly killing me.
Everytime you forget to talk to me.
Everytime you let me wait alone.

You're slowly killing me.
I felt insecure.
I felt like I don't deserve you.

You're slowly but surely killing me.
And for I fact I know.
Soon it'll end.

I am emotionally unstable,
And you know.
But why can't you notice now?

I need you,
You're the reason why I'm still here,
But you're also the reason why I want to die.

"What are you talking about?"
You asked me as I said all those things.
Then you left.

Leaving me broken,
With a blade,
Angie Marcano Mar 11
There is an opaque dark blue hoodie,
hiding at the back of my closet.
Covered in metaphoric dust and cobwebs.
It has fluffy cloud-like lint
covering the holes in its pocket.
Short little strings
sticking out from its seam.
It hides behind the bright rainbow
of blouses and dresses.
Deep in the back, away from sight .
Forgotten and unused.

Yet it,
Still smells like that popular perfume I got you.
Still holds the tickets from the last movie we saw in its pockets.
Still has that ketchup stain from when we last ate together.

It is no longer a bright navy blue hoodie.
Its color has faded away.
Ever since that cold November day.
When you left without it and never came back.
It hasn't left its spot ever since.
And neither have I.
Paul-Dieter Mar 4
She left me
After a month
Of two or three
Standing by her imaginary grave
Under an imaginary tree
But the shadows were real
And so were her choices that came to be
Oh how the pain bursts
From the hole in my chest
And to what cost?
But my salted hands burn the wounds
Reminding me what's been lost
I would rather see her eyes fade to grey
And with lips as cold as snow
Than to hear her say those deathly words
"I have to go"
I would rather she had died
Because then it meant she didn't choose
Leaving me

"We all deserve love, even on the days when  we aren't our best.
Cause we all ****, but love can make us **** less..."
-Bo Burnam-
Samantha Feb 6
regret is the most painful feeling
more painful is the regret you feel
for making her hate you
than the hate itself
regret is the moment
when you are thinking:
this is it; the things I have done
have made it come down to this moment
when I want to end everything
everything that could be
all for the mistakes of my past
all my regrets
gone in a moment
the moment that ends it all
when I will not feel regrets
of what I have done
in the past
and I won't have to be afraid
of the future
that I never knew
nor will I feel the regret I have left behind
for ending everything else
all the good that could be
all gone in 1 moment
1 lonely moment
all because you want to leave your regret behind
but you leave everything behind
and everyone
everyone is left behind
to carry the burden of your regrets
and for them to regret your last decision for you
they regret not knowing
not helping
what they could have done
is not have helped you not have regrets
but to move past them
you may lose all your regret
to make this decision
and end it
but you leave all else behind
to regret your last decision
if decided not
you won't regret it
and the feeling
of alleviation and relief
of numbness and comfort
into your being
into your mind
is as strong of a feeling
as the regret
that started your pain
the regret
that this time you chose not to create
DO NOT let the last thing
-the last feeling-
you leave behind
on this earth
in this world
be a feeling
of regret
i want you to get tired
tired enough to leave me
so that i'll know
that all the people
in my life
left for a reason
that way i'll understand
how i became like this
so lonely
so broken
so afraid of love and trust
as if it'll burn me
and maybe
you'll prove me right
that i was never enough
to make people stay.

but still i hope,
you'd be the one
to prove me wrong.
will she prove me wrong?
Rogue Sep 2017
Amidst the restless nights I walk alone
weaving past the streets of cobblestone

Toting on my mind is a notion overlooked,
I'm a connoisseur of allegory and oftentimes rebuke

"You ignorants! You do not know,
Like an ailment, silence grows

and without haste, it will devour you,
'til the words once chromatic lose its hue"

Yet my forewarning like fine raindrops fell
Resonated not, never even a moment to dwell

as to that exploit perforated an ephipany:
My voice will never be heard, that is ought to be;

and my words will nevermore transpierce thee,
For I am silence and silence is me.
Pax Jul 2017
im used to
being left
so it doesn't hurt anymore.

6words story.
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