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Kiara Hoxie Apr 16
I am unsteady
Unable to cope with these thoughts
With each new trouble I'm never ready
Unprepared for what life has thrown
Feeling as if I could choke
On these memories I own
I'm not worthy of what is good
But not deserving of the evils
If I could erase the past I would
And still I can't forget what I should
Cleo Aug 2018
i should be in a war
i should be fighting
for my own freedom
the mind is not a joke
its difficult to control
i feel like crying
but whats the use
we are all in a journey
the destination
we all know about it
just do not take me yet
let me breath for a while
let me laugh like my friends
i deserve it, this is not the end yet
telling me about how life is useless
will not help
i need to be normal
the mind is not a joke

#RIP Avicii
Gabriel Bonney Aug 2018
Dear parents,
Am I
               myself today?
I must          know
Because some days
     I can feel I am,

      But             today

                          ­        need

                           to         hold


                ­                     ing


Shoutout to God for the amazing parents I have! I may not always think that, and I still may not agree with what they say, but honestly they're wonderful. And I'm so thankful for their encouragement and their councel and their patience. Thank you guys. And thank You, God!
melanie Jul 2018
Flickering on and off like a kerosene lit lamp,
I waver in the dark,
awaiting the verdict I've already given myself.

Sinner. Saint.
The pendulum swings back and forth,
toying with my frayed emotions,
Ripping away the little remaining sanity I have.

No matter the outcome,
I am destined to run from both sides of the coin
As I have found my solace nowhere and, yet, everywhere
Elin Roberts Mar 2018
the sound of silence
i tend to find
echoes louder
than the vile and stale taste
of unspoken words
hanging heavy
on a blood bitten tongue
Sharde' Fultz Dec 2017
The ground?
The ground is gone. Im floating past sunsets and sunrises
Im floating through hellos and goodbyes
Im floating below the heavens
And just above the singe of hell's fires
I'm floating with my debts
I'm floating with my pains
I'm floating with my future and my past
I'm there
The air is thin
My breaths are small
But just enough
And I see it all
I feel it all
But numb to consequence
I've kept my drive
I'll hold my loves
But I float amidst the cares
They graze my skin and float away
The ground?
The ground is gone and I feel its gone forever
I'm just in a weirld space where I'm functioning but it all feels a little hapless in the grand scheme of it all. Sounds depressing but I'm okay lol
Dark Sep 2017
Unsteady like the waves in the ocean.
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