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crowther Jun 11
an appalled
wished to be
by happiness
and soulful

she carried
the heaviest
weight of
unease that
people would throw
with the foundation
of unfaithful bliss
wished to be sowed

rough edges
and pathways to cross
she swore to herself
they are not
a big loss
H A N A Jun 2018
I am a new girl in this old town
Trying to figure out what life is
I am a princess with no gown
Living in a castle covered in grease

I have my whole heart with some broken dreams
Keeping my hopes always high
I have my eyes with a vibrant gleam
Shutting them off whenever I cry

I am a coward with a hand of a dauntless dame
Reaching for people in times of need
They call me
and lame
What a harsh reality, indeed!
Glenn Currier May 2018
It doesn’t take much to find excuses
for avoiding the unpleasant,
things for which I can find no uses
at the time - find no reason or rhyme.

Truth is, I don’t tax my mind to think of that reason,
don’t imagine how much good it would do,
don’t think how this is just the right season
to do this thing I don’t want to.

But oh how hard I’ll work to think
of ways to do this thing I love to do
find the recipe for that yummy drink
go to the game, find its venue.

I’m so very skilled and do it with ease
thinking of a good dodge or ruse.
This kind of creative work is a breeze
how skilled I am making an excuse!
BJFWords Mar 2018
Your teeth are the colour of off milk.
Your odour is of rancid butter.
I see you and I feel sorry for everyone that you spitter on.
I'm sorry for your loss.
What** is it with some people
Do they have to be so *rude
Kyle Fisher Oct 2015
I awoke to the sound of your voice...

Images of your face etched in with your white hot,
steel fingernails.
Graciously placed in my vivid memories.

For weeks I've been clear of troublesome dreams,
your snake like self seems to trek throughout miles of synapses,
just to laugh in my face for a night.

It's very rude...
Still ranting.
Just go with it.
©Kyle Fisher
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