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  Oct 2018 Alec
Elizabeth Brown
Thoughts of you crackle in my mind,
a roaring fireplace of emotions.
Those things which border on obsession
weigh heavily on me
in the best way.
I am pleasantly drunk on dreams.
of what we'll do,
of who we'll be,
of starting anew,
of what you are to me.
You are a thing of beauty.
Those who could gaze upon you and walk away
know nothing of love.
How could they?
  Oct 2018 Alec
“what are you going to do with your life?”
they all ask me
my answer is simple
i don’t know
because i didn’t think
i would still be here
  Oct 2018 Alec
Grace Conde
I exist
on the border
between Reality,
and the Imaginary.

I breathe in belligerent Black,
and Withering whites.
I am incapable of grays,
a gradient of gruesome Grief.

I dance on the Border,
exhaling exuberant fragility,
my border is made of glass.

And I rise from the ashes,
a Byproduct of the
bridges I've burned.
Craving soothing touch,
Yet silently seeking
Incriminating Isolation,
Addicted to my own destruction.

A shattered soul dutifully
Dances on the Border,
Held captive by her sins.
Trapped between Good
and Bad. Happiness
and Heartbreak. Lost
and Found. Death
and Resurrection.

Born on the Border, a
Simple Figment of
Immoral Imagination.
  Sep 2018 Alec
Aa Harvey
For your benefit.

Another rat inside a cage;
An experiment gone wrong.
So set me free, or **** your slave,
Or please just let me go.

I have my rage locked in a cage,
It’s ready to explode.
My teeth are razors and my claws are sharp,
My blood is running cold.

It’s scary here, they smell your fear,
They like to cause you pain.
It’s all so dark, I cry, I hurt;
Things will always be this way.

Entrapped by them to do as they wish.
My needs are ignored; I am unable to think,
Or do anything you take for granted.
Here they come again, time for another scraping.

Another patch where they took my skin.
Just chopped it off; did they think about me?
When they cut us up and then wait for us to die.
Give us exercise in a maze, then pour acid in our eyes.

Oh that smells nice.  It’s a new perfume.
I’m choking, I’m blind; what the Hell are you doing?
Experimenting?  I’m just a little mouse.
They chopped off my tail to make me less immense.

I’m too fat for them, so they starve me in my cage.
There are hundreds of us here; we know we won’t be saved.
We’re just to be used to help the human race.
So goodbye to life and happiness; come burn me once again.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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