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Nat Feb 2021
I have to say - well
Would like to say
Something about it

Cause I keep thinking
I mean, it's sorta like if maybe
If maybe I slipped and never landed

Sort of like a back lot
Like out behind the city
Away from any eyes

Sort of like a crack
Like the tiniest dark gap
An eye that isn't

Sort of like I just can't
A million miles underneath the deepest charted cave
Just behind the clouds
Details I've already forgotten
Pictures I'll never finish remembering
An expanse; a smear; a nebula

A disconnect. Eyes to mind to
I need to talk to you
Man Jan 2021
i met you young
dumb and full of angst
you reached out to hold my hand,
i recoiled back

but it wasn't you

you told me you loved me
i was shocked into disbelief
no, that couldn't be true
i bore the flak

for telling you what i thought i knew

twenty now, a fresh man
i could see how you did
i can see how you can

too bad I didn't know it then
Every time I fall in love I hope I never will again.
Ash C Mar 2020
As I sit here and look at you
I can't say whether I'm close to you or not
We grew up together
So how could you feel so close but not?
You're right there
In front of me
With me
Here with me
My deepest thoughts are yours as much as yours mine!
Behind closed doors
To the people who talk to me in my vulnerability
I say what I couldn't to you
This is quite personal. Based off what I feel with this person. We know each other inside and out, but I feel like somethings in the way.
Kenshō Nov 2019
I'm going under cover
where all vibration is a hum.
And where I tend to hover,
I lose track of where I'm from;
Or what direction I'm going,
But, I am indeed in contact~
With something in the sky, glowing.
Accept that as a fact.
They are speaking to me,
teaching me to attract.
It only takes a whisper
for my tongues to get flowing;
And, I start to look crisper~
Upon the world as an artifact
Of art and unknowing.
Part 4 of 4 of #4Post-Cards
Michaela Ferris Nov 2019

All I ever seem to be is lost,
lost inside my own head.
Overcrowded bundle's of yes and no's
what's and whys,
To and Throws

Lost inside myself.
trapped in a labyrinth that is my own thoughts
unable to escape
the more I turn
the further there is to go.

Will I ever find my way out of this black hole?
Swallowing me, holding me hostage in the night
chained to the very thought that I am abandoned,
lost to the darkness, forever unknowing.
Tormented and bruised from the pain of the past.
Devin Ortiz Jun 2019
Reality begins to break, I shatter
Reality begins to break, I remain

Reality remains, I shatter
Reality remains, I remain

All of this, all at once.
Every moment, every time.

There is no constant other than the unknowing.
Astral Jan 2019
Sometimes feelings can be hard to interpret.
Its you, but you still can't tell what it means.
Maybe thats part of being human,
That we must be unknowing,
In almost all aspects of life,
Even our own.

I just wish,
That I could figure it out.
Figure out why I pushed you away,

But seem to miss you more everyday.
Unrelated to the poem, but I'm hecka stressed because of my history class.
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