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Ash C May 31
Tell me
What is it that you wish
As you stare at the sky
The moon and stars watching you as you watch them
Do you sing the song that should not be sung? Or does the moon ask you too?
Ash C May 31
I lay in bed and hope
That one day I will not wilt into the sheets of my dread
And only then can I float in the impossible
Ash C Apr 9
Sometimes I can't pick apart why
Why I choke on the bitterness of my own hurtful words
I want not to see you, but I can't imagine life without you
Why when you enter, my being goes rigid
Like a wooden board that won't snap, but will hurt when tempted
Both you and the board
Ash C Apr 3
There's always this pressure behind my eyes, right at the top of them
Like someone tied heavy rocks to my head and told me keep my head up
I hate that word
"Keep my head up"
I'd rather keep looking down so I won't trip into reality
Ash C Apr 3
Can I sit and stare?
Can I just listen to the hums of appliances?
As if they were someone speaking and being ignored
How could they be ignored now that it's hushed around here?
The whole right side of my upper teeth hurt. Probably these braces.
Ash C Mar 11
The darkness is right there

But the light is over there too

It won't make sense to many people

But it was so much easier to walk into the dark and watch the light

And imagine

What it would feel like
Ash C Mar 4
As I sit here and look at you
I can't say whether I'm close to you or not
We grew up together
So how could you feel so close but not?
You're right there
In front of me
With me
Here with me
My deepest thoughts are yours as much as yours mine!
Behind closed doors
To the people who talk to me in my vulnerability
I say what I couldn't to you
This is quite personal. Based off what I feel with this person. We know each other inside and out, but I feel like somethings in the way.
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