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Cynthia Jean Jul 2016
The Lord knows

He sees the evil

He knows those of us
who sigh and cry
who look around
and see the evil
in our midst.

We want to run
yes run
run screaming
from all this evil...

The way of man

it is not in him
to want
to do right

we must follow
follow hard after God.

Because the evil
the gross evil
all around us
is falling down
all around us.

our society is imploding...
We cannot fight it
though we must try.

We can only
keeping our eye
on our Creator...

because you see
the Lord
does know
how to rescue
the godly people
from their trials

and He does know
how to keep
the wicked
under punishment
until that final day
of judgment...

Oh, sigh and cry
hear and fear
our Lord.

So great
is His faithfulness
His love.

So great is He.

In the midst
of all
our pain
our grief
and our sorrow

there still is

He will not fail us.

Hope in Him


cj 2016
I Peter 2:19
Leal Knowone Feb 2015
depression set in
like the priest to sin
trying to hide it
when it all begins
the snow falls down
barring you underground
hell bent and heaven sent
who the **** knows were my mind went
no way to win
put on a grin
hide it again
your souls caves in
exploding imploding
like the shore life eroding
this should not be how time is spent
It seems everyone is having a ****** day, but it just one day, and things will change, and we hope the ******* will go away, so we can once agin have a smile on our face :)

— The End —