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George Krokos Dec 2020
When the subject and object in love are united
there isn’t another around at all to be sighted.
And where oneness prevails love eternally flows
from the One to the many that of illusion shows.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Traci Sims Oct 2020
And so he sat next to me,
his bloodhound pacing the bus floor,
Round and round in a tight circle,
before settling at our feet.
Sadness hung on the young man
like a soggy blanket,
And my
observation, sharpened by intuition
led me to venture...
"It's cold out tonight."
He startled and smiled: "Why yes, yes it is".

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)

"Is this the bus to Capitol Hill?
I'm going to buy groceries,
my boy here is hungry  and I hope one is still open".
I looked at him closely
"No, this one goes to Queen Anne,
everything's closed for the evening.
Maybe I'm wrong,
I don't think you're okay,
Somehow I know
you're not telling the truth".

He sighed and shrank into himself,
"You guessed right-- I am homeless,
On the streets for a year now.
Me and my buddy,
with no end in sight".

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)

"They took all my things
when my car was broke into,
My entire world shattered with the blow of a hammer,
But at least I've got him,
and he glanced towards his companion,
I'll find a warm vent,
and we'll sit there til morning."

Bartell's was still open
and I opened my wallet,
Some soup, of course, dog food,
roast beef hash and hot tea,
"Please find a good doctor, there are many to help you,
I can tell that you're suffering, give you and buddy a new life."
He thanked me and with a whistle
called the bloodhound to him,
They turned right towards Lake Union,
Fading into the night.

(What do we do for the downtrodden?)
This is a true story that I experienced 10/23/20.
Inspirational Music:"Eleanor Rigby"--The Beatles
CJ Flynn Oct 2020
Its been 4 years since I have been on this site many new changes both here and in life.

I own my own home a rental duplex at that. I got a new job with good pay and a union. I have been to the ER a few times for health problems but I wont sing the blues I'm still here.

Covid-19 breaks the US and world great depression 2021 is just around the corner.

I'm at the tail end of my 20's 30 is coming up fast so many things I have done. Yet so many more that may never happen will see about that.

HERE is for more tomorrow than yesterdays more bright sky's than rainy days  more pace and harmony for all humanity!!!!
A quick poem about my feelings on 2020 and where I am in life!
Poetic T Oct 2020
People think,
    "I Love You,

is the most romantic

But in truth,
          "I've Missed you,

means true love.
Chad Young Sep 2020
O diver, crush this body of union, to possess
a greater diamond.
Alas, all earthly joy is crushed by the wet
All spirituality seems to turn back to the
Spiritual images, though seen, are not felt.
Spirit only reaches out, but finds just another
human, some invisible princess to grasp with its
Should I pray, meditate, study, practice, smoke, or do nothing.
Laokos Sep 2020
folding the sirens of
eternity in on themselves
as this scant hour
rebuilds its stage
over and
in the light of my eyes

already there is a perception
of being caught
in a loop - of a lesson
playing out
before a malady
of ignorance

i am free to see it
and i am free
to miss it

it is the long
of the breaching
whale - an exchange
of currents for
the transformation of
sky into
ocean depths

it is
hidden union
in transience

in beautiful
Shannon Soeganda Aug 2020
The Empress is about to take Her Throne.

The Queen awaits patiently;

for after The Long Wait,

they both shall reunite

and reign together

in a Communion of Alchemical Union---

of two halves of a soul; from the same soul core.
2020-2022 Prophecy.
Let's see what's on menu from now on forward to 2022.
I often have a dream,
About this feeling
It is an escape,
This love.

I don't know where I am
So I thought of holding her hand
And taking her along
On a journey with no sure destination.

Sometimes I'm stuck
listening to the background noise,
I'm fading out into the unknown.
This seemingly perpetual dip in time
Makes me come back to life.

Realising a purpose
Now that I have her,
It is time to make our journey
Conflate and intertwine
Like Adam and Eve
Exiled from the garden of Eden
Seeking salvation together for eternity.

It is time to put an end to this pretend
Even if this union is treason,
For the summers are always slipping away
But the show must go on
We can escape together now,
Without having to give any reason.
Love is an escape, even when considered unholy or sin, is still pure. Escaping together, breaking the shackles of society and acceptance, towards another reality to fulfil the potential of the union.
Amy Perry Jun 2020
It’s not enough to love you,
I want to inhale you,
Breathe you,
Feel you between
The chambers of my heart,
Your sweet oxygen
Into totalizing
Bodies and blood,
Spirit confounded,
Into this unitary union.
Fruition found
My bones, bounded
To this body and earth,
Rhythmically versed,
Your gentle breathing,
Keep him with me
By becoming in tune
With spirit, body,
I swoon.
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