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amelia ware  Dec 2014
amelia ware Dec 2014
I am torn in two.
My head pulls one way
My heart pulls the other.

I am torn in two.
I am drawn by the future I should want
And enticed by the one I actually do.

I am torn in two.
My mind follows the plan of the man who loves me
My eyes follow the man who never will.

I am torn in two.
One half is content with the way things will be.
The other half yearns for the lives I will never live.
Lizzy  Apr 2014
War Torn
Lizzy Apr 2014
when my hands turn to claws
and my eyes burn red
i sometimes cant hold back
the things that i have said

the fear of unrequited love
of losing someone so dear
is always so present
always so near

and im still learning
to push these delusions aside
to just breathe and be with you
and let the seas have
a calmer tide

its these past fer days
i'v been under so much weight
the bad thoughts cant hide
from everything attacking me from the outside

so i attack myself
and i didn't mean for you to feel the shrapnel
for you to see the blood
but i'm drawing a treaty of my sides
the irrational and logical
logic is in charge now
irrationality has surrendered

now we can be happy again
we can be like we were before
you made me fight even harder
fight this war for you
my anxiety makes things in my relationship really hard but im not going to let it ruin something that made me so happy. im not gonna let it push him away. so im letting go of my anxiety, so i can embrace his love. and im praying he'll embrace mine
Miss Saitwal Jun 2018
They bruise their pupils with the sharp roses.
They built an empire with fur and sequins.
And lived with poise and jealousy.
Burnt and alive, torn yet together.
The prudent of all, dangerous of all minds.

Survive, said the father
Believe, said the Jesus
Sofia Von Sep 2012
You’re lost
I can’t find you anywhere
I listen for the sound of your foot steps
Your breath


Its getting late
I'm perspiring
I'm hoping you’ll be strong

Strong like how I am
Or maybe how I want to be

But you’re not
You know you’re not
You probably wouldn’t stand a chance

I run

Hiding in the bushes as the bright lights shine

I’m a crminal, I’m a criminal, I’m a criminal

I hear a rustle
I hear a squeel
Frozen muscles
Is it you?
Im sprinting now
Home, home were you’ll be I know it
It has to be
I’m not worried everything’s fine

I don’t care who sees me now

I'll **** them up

I'm on a mission
I've gotta save her
I've gotta prove I'm fretting over nothing
Which is worse than fretting over something

Stomp stomp creek
Warm air
Familiar smell
No sound

I walk to the bathroom
It's nothing

To her
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