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i keep on thinking of wordsβ€”
to unite, to collide;
but in everything that i do,
memories of you and i,
sweep me off of my feetβ€”
with such delight.
hope y'all are doing fine!
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020
Pain teaches us
about storms
and their power of sweeping away

The lesson that, only when the old and unecessary
is gone
a new calmness can take it’s place
Red Feb 2019
the cold swell of emptiness crashes hard over my naked soul
floating in the middle of a masochistic murky sea
I pray the tide shall sweep my aching body away
I grieve yet the waves laugh as they drown me
George Krokos Dec 2017
When at the right time those winds of love sweep you off your feet
you'll have come across someone whom you were destined to meet.
A life together may then be as a many coloured and fragrant flower
that can verily enrich the world around it like a long awaited shower.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Scarlet Niamh Feb 2017
There is a sad song within my heart and
it is echoed in the quiet of yours.
Something about that silence, the lack of
a voice between rushed heartbeats, contains a
strange certainty which makes me completely
uncertain. Your whispering thoughts have drifted
around me like ink swirling through water
and you have somehow swept me off my feet
with the power of the cacophonous
choruses, which I have only before
felt in the winds of the sea. How, my love,
can you make me feel such madness when your
entire vocabulary merges
into only three words when you look at me?
~~ Somehow, I was the haze floating on your horizons. ~~
gravygod Mar 2016
who the hell are you?
how did you appear in my life,
and sweep me away with your inviting eyes
fed me pleasure and warmth
left me high and dry,
puzzled and craving more
of your attention and gaze
your laugh to be directed to me
maybe you could put your hands on my waist again
or around my neck
it feels brand new to me and i'm sorry,
that i almost back away each time
this is probably all my fault
i question if i'm the confusing one
or if he is
but i'd put money on him in a heartbeat
I'd sweep you off your feet
But i don't want to drop you
So let's just pretend i just did.
As long as we know it's genuine, it shouldn't be too big of a deal, right?
Suzy Hazelwood Jan 2015
Out with the old
in with the new
broom sweeping the past
and shackle free

— The End —