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Scarlett Oct 2020
Alien is the dirt between my fingernails
fathomless to me is the air upon my plastic skin
this water upon my lips feels like such synthetic whispers
what ecstasy I find in empty flavoured gin
Scarlett Sep 2020
I saw a predator in the bathroom mirror
or perhaps it was just confident prey
Scarlett Aug 2020
In morning I awaken, gasping for light

my birth, a first breath in fire

ripped from my sanctuary of void sight

identical synthetic houses made to admire

filled with stain of suffering and spite

stuffed to the brim with the wet words of liars

thick is my liquid consciousness which fades into the night
Each day is the same but each morning I am someone new, a stranger to this reality.
Scarlett Aug 2020
Dead glassy cow eyes
Mock me from within their bloated facade
They see right through me, and I, them.
Scarlett May 2020
Aim your guns of flesh oh mighty sailor!
whisk me away on those washing machine waves
Turner, hath you come to keep those ravenous omens at bay?
Embrace me now while I banish this inner monologue
through my skull, to melt infinitely into your indulgent rain.
Scarlett May 2020
Oh dull ache beneath thy ribcage of rot,
doth you thuder against such mortal flesh of mine?
My heart, my disobedient parasite
clench and thrash against my jaggard spine
Scarlett Feb 2020
these sharp crooked joints
bulge beneath powdered skin
rotting nailbeds point
lurch from a lumpy shin
stretch my elastic ligaments
release these captive organs
seethe against my innocence
seek release from biblical orphan
what godless days roam this world
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