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Maelynn Jun 7
Lazy mornings on summer days,
Relax! Forget your modern ways!
Stay awhile and chat-
We’ll drink our coffee on the porch
Content as the old house cat.
Angela Rose Apr 2020
And maybe home isn’t a brick house and a wrap around porch and a foundation built on a plot of land after all

Maybe home is two arms, and two bright eyes and and a mouth saying “I’m so proud of you. I know you’re trying”
Druzzayne Rika Sep 2018
Hard winds
keeps on coming
hitting on my face.

Sun shines
all the same time
blinding my eyes.

Waves coming
very much so inviting
becoming my only solace.
Abigail Hobbs Apr 2018
Your lips taste
of nothing in particular
just as a home
has no scent
it is familiar
and inviting,
as are your lips
Gabriel burnS Jul 2017
You, silhouetted against the skyline
******* slumber, slowly putting on
The night

Slipping into moonlight silk
Sliding into ambience
Of darkness laced with streetlights,
A veil of fireflies
Soft curves flowing side to side,
Waves swaying delight,
My nocturnal albi
Mazen Edlibi Sep 2016
I want to throw up!
Things are stinky and gross inside me, pulling me inside myself!
I can't feel, except my weird silence inside every corner of myself and soul!
I feel i am in the center of nowhere except myself!
I know who I am! I know where I stand!
I know I am somehow alone! That what bugs me!
That what takes me to question my moment!
I hate that moment, when i long for a hug and Silence is the only welcoming hands that i end with!
That warmth is not inviting any peace!
That Peace is not inviting any rest!
That Rest is only a rest for another long tiring journey!
                 That is a Journey of my Choice!
Leal Knowone Jul 2016
Hanging from the tree in such beauty.
Inviting me to stay, to stay for ever
to swing in the wind.
I seem to have lost my muse, now I found you.
hang for a while, take in the worlds splendor with you.
I will sway with you.
You around my neck
the noose my closest friend.
Stay positive friends, though I was not feeling the best, this was a stream of consciousness, and the end seemed fitting.
gravygod Mar 2016
who the hell are you?
how did you appear in my life,
and sweep me away with your inviting eyes
fed me pleasure and warmth
left me high and dry,
puzzled and craving more
of your attention and gaze
your laugh to be directed to me
maybe you could put your hands on my waist again
or around my neck
it feels brand new to me and i'm sorry,
that i almost back away each time
this is probably all my fault
i question if i'm the confusing one
or if he is
but i'd put money on him in a heartbeat
Look at those mountain.
Well, what about them?
Well, aren't they inviting?
Yeah, you could say.
You could also say that they are spaceships.
But they aren't.
And the mountains aren't inviting.

— The End —