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Mamta Wathare Dec 2020
Grandma is one with the mound of earth again
Like a fallen old flower, her left-over self rests quietly on a tiled-terrain
Her fragrance reaches me, in another corner of another continent, where I hear the words - ‘Grandma died’

Grandma is dead- and the day has rained tears on my bed
I’m drenched Drinking her absence- her presence - drinking in her memory once again
Silence falls, I search for Grandma then… in an old-gold bangle- she wore once
Tomorrow, her dust, bone and ashes will be washed by the river-bed
The river-stream of her will enter the great ocean - it’ll all be one, then- the earth, ocean and the river’s-bed

Her soul has long fled out the world-window into a divine light
I’ll be watching the stars every night...whispering a quiet prayer
Hoping, someday, we meet again… Grandma
Mamta Wathare Aug 2020
There was a war within me
A ****** terrible war - of deception - and lies - of hurtful ties that became knots in my belly and threatened to end me
Darkness clouded over - a hundred wails rang in my ears
I lost my sight - I lost my mind - only my soul remained
A soul that knew only your name - it invoked you - again and again

You arrived
like a knight
a brilliant blue light
in all the darkness
to lift the veil
The masks fell apart in your presence
And I saw your face, pouring with unending love, so holy, so pure

The war turned into a dance
An eternal dance of us
My war cries have become songs
They flow like rivers into the ocean of you
Mamta Wathare Jul 2020
Only you could have loved me so
So deeply
So fully
Waiting patiently
For me to cross the barriers between us
Until I realized, I was always yours
Mamta Wathare May 2020
Beloved, don’t be amazed by my inner weather
It’s the calm before a sun - storm
It’s my soul-corridor turning into an empty dorm hosting unexpected guests of revelation

The quiet of my heart-corridor
Is an after-story of terror
Of course, there’s a before-story

Of the ocean of me that was once a tsunami
In it, was my death
and rebirth
It’s from the heart of this ocean-tsunami
A world of words appear
And I weave them
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020
You can raise your voice
As loudly as you please
I will only let my silence speak
My silence is louder than your noise
Mamta Wathare Feb 2020

I whisper them with deep mad longing


in your name

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