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Mamta Wathare May 31
Beloved, don’t be amazed by my inner weather
It’s the calm before a sun - storm
It’s my soul-corridor turning into an empty dorm hosting unexpected guests of revelation

The quiet of my heart-corridor
Is an after-story of terror
Of course, there’s a before-story

Of the ocean of me that was once a tsunami
In it, was my death
and rebirth
It’s from the heart of this ocean-tsunami
A world of words appear
And I weave them
Mamta Wathare Feb 24
You can raise your voice
As loudly as you please
I will only let my silence speak
My silence is louder than your noise
Mamta Wathare Feb 20

I whisper them with deep mad longing


in your name

Mamta Wathare Feb 17
Grandma tells me
'Clouds are rivers
that return as rain'

like a bottomless ocean

'The sweetness of honey
the sting of a bee'

I drink honey
and cry myself
a sea

I swim the
bottomless ocean
in dreams

in the bitter-sweet rain
that makes rivers of memories

Knowing that she is an ocean away
and yet
Mamta Wathare Feb 14
Like a threadbare rug
weaved in only the colour of moon
I carried you in my soul
long before
we met

Being with you
is like watching snowflakes
for the first time
Ice melts
warmth fills my soul
and a folk tune plays
in the universe
Mamta Wathare Feb 13
With every word
The rush of night waves lapping across my mind
turn quiet
Your light enters the dark room of my soul
And I am redeemed

A low hum turns into a roar
whispers become chants
thunder drums beat into the heart
of all that needs telling

In a slow
carefully woven tale
An old moss-ridden porch
longs for company
in a deserted neighbourhood

A refugee
has found
Mamta Wathare Feb 12
In the arena
she carried
all her failures
her misgivings and regrets
her empathy and pain
her madness, bitter and vain

As if they were battle scars
and she held them close, like armour
because she knew, that without them, she wouldn't exist
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