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runu swayam
india    Poetry to me is my self expression, i don't write it, it flows through me. It's the language of the heart and echo of the ...
Swayamtrupta Panda
23/M/Warsaw    In search for sparks!
Hannah Thisway
35/F/Edinburgh    I'm changing, so I'm writing about it - and hoping to capture some of the things that brought me to where I am.


Ka  Jun 2014
Ka Jun 2014
Nobody else but you
Can sway the way you do,
Gliding like your cheating your own shadow
How can you ,how can you
Sway like This.

Ripples on a lake
Heaving sighs
Even darkness seems to move around
Stars salute you with thier twinkle
How can you , how can you
Sway like this

Is my earth spinning
Or has it stopped
One more time
Bring back those storms
Crash through those walls
Sway ! Sway !
Only you can sway
Like you do

Hovering above ground
As you move
Shimmering radiation
With every step

Sway! Sway!
Like only you do
Dosent your smile say it all!
I'll want to hold you down
But you know
We' will sway
Like Only you do
Dylan Whisman Aug 2015
the storm has settled.

finaly I wake,
sway sway,
on board a small sailboat, big enough for three.
white seeps through cracks in wood,
creek creek,
my bare feet,
salt clings to my face,
my damp body,
creek creek,
walks across a floor cluttered.
the water whispers against the hull,
I rest in a gentle cradle,
sway sway.

I open the hatch,
no wind,
moonlight on the sound of the sea,
sway sway,
the air is cool.

I look around,
no land,
moonlight on the sound of green endless water,
sway sway,
the moon peers down at me.

the sea reflects the sky,
sway sway,
a quiet energy swirls around, and around,
a chilling nothing is the sound,
destination not yet birthed.
sway sway,
I lay apon the floor,
staring at a wide sea sky,
tiny breezes lick the foam,
sprinkle the stars,
I wonder not my location,
or why and how.

I'm going to be here awhile.
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Samantha Cunha  Nov 2019
I sway
Samantha Cunha Nov 2019
I cry my cherry red blush ,
Blue mascara away,
I beg the man with black eyes
And a black heart to stay
I feel my body sway,
I sway & I sway, I sway
into the dream state where
I know nothing gold can stay,
But I still cry my cherry red lipstick
And I still sway, and sway
And sway