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inthewater Jan 2
Pictures, now, are strange to me
Once upon, what "is"
Has no "never be's"
Pictures, now, are strange to me

A snapshot back to a certain future
Laughter shared; tears, too
It precedes my doubtful memory
Pictures, now, are strange to me

Once upon, what "is"
Lives indefinitely
Unaware of what will never be
Pictures, now, are strange to me

Printed pieces of boundless time
Whose citizens are full of life,
Safe from looming trajedies
Pictures, now, are strange to me

Once upon, who "is"
Are now all ghosts
Free, from framed captivity
Pictures, now, are strange to me
Following the recent deaths of some family members, I've been looking through old photos and finding ones where one to all people have since died; the photos are becoming more bittersweet to me. I think it can be the same for people who are no longer in our lives for other reasons, too. I catch myself thinking "if only they knew..." but "they" is a totally different person because "they" haven't experienced "those" moments yet.
inthewater Sep 2019
who's so different now?
is it you or i?
who actually lost the person they knew?
was it i or you?

not quite a stranger yet
just someone i no longer know
best friends not two weeks back
it's funny how these things go

thought i'd never lose your love
at least, you told me so
but you needed to make your decision
and now i need to grow
inthewater Sep 2019
is what you left me
not important enough to be named
no reason, no plot
no closure
inthewater Jun 2018
"she sounds hideous!"
that thing you mentioned,
i know you're not perfidious -
i just like the faux contention

i laugh at the absurdity,
you roll your eyes to my fake mistrust;
you play your face of perfidy -
as if you could be that unjust

"you didn't have to say that!"
to your well-rationed tenderness,
from obligation, since i like to chat -  
a sucker for your incessant cleverness

"jokes, jokes... it's only a joke"
per your own amusement, you smile and titter
somehow, my endearment, your raillery does evoke
and your licentious comments...
they make my heart flitter
inside jokes, forgive me if it doesn't make sense!
inthewater Apr 2018
i'll let you just ignore me,
if that's what you want to do;
you can sit there and abhor me
if it makes it easier for you

your kindness turned to anger,
your words no longer sweet;
so, please, tell me how you hate me,
if that makes you feel complete

your stares no longer caring,
your touch no longer warm;
so, tell me how i'm terrible
for ringing the alarm

but there's one request,
to which i cannot comply:
to hate you, i must protest -
i still don't think you're that bad a guy
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