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inthewater Sep 10
who's so different now?
is it you or i?
who actually lost the person they knew?
was it i or you?

not quite a stranger yet
just someone i no longer know
best friends not two weeks back
it's funny how these things go

thought i'd never lose your love
at least, you told me so
but you needed to make your decision
and now i need to grow
inthewater Sep 10
is what you left me
not important enough to be named
no reason, no plot
no closure
inthewater Jun 2018
"she sounds hideous!"
that thing you mentioned,
i know you're not perfidious -
i just like the faux contention

i laugh at the absurdity,
you roll your eyes to my fake mistrust;
you play your face of perfidy -
as if you could be that unjust

"you didn't have to say that!"
to your well-rationed tenderness,
from obligation, since i like to chat -  
a sucker for your incessant cleverness

"jokes, jokes... it's only a joke"
per your own amusement, you smile and titter
somehow, my endearment, your raillery does evoke
and your licentious comments...
they make my heart flitter
inside jokes, forgive me if it doesn't make sense!
  Apr 2018 inthewater
You were the poem
I thought I’d never have
to write.
Or the pieces of my heart
I never thought
would be broken.

Not once did I think  
that you’d be
a cluster **** of memories
I’d waste hours
That the sun would rise
in late December,
and we’d be nothing
but the debris
in the winters brisk winds.

I never thought that
a last kiss  
could feel so empty,
or that love
could be false,
when there was a moment
it seemed so true.

I don’t allow myself
to overthink anymore.
  Apr 2018 inthewater
What would you do
With infinite time?
Would you learn how to sing?
Would you perfect every rhyme?

Would you see every movie?
Or learn magic tricks?
Would you climb highest mountains
Or build LEGO bricks?

Would you try to solve
Sadness with humor and joy?
Or would you work with some kids
To make the world’s greatest toy?

Would you spend way more moments
With people you love?
Knowing you won’t  be called up
By what might or not be above?

I hope the answer my friends
Is that what’s now in your mind brewing
Is not just a thought
But what you’re actually doing.

And if now it is not
Please don’t hesitate -
For my pretense is a sham..
And “one day” is too late.
Guess I should get back to that screenplay, heh.
inthewater Apr 2018
i'll let you just ignore me,
if that's what you want to do;
you can sit there and abhor me
if it makes it easier for you

your kindness turned to anger,
your words no longer sweet;
so, please, tell me how you hate me,
if that makes you feel complete

your stares no longer caring,
your touch no longer warm;
so, tell me how i'm terrible
for ringing the alarm

but there's one request,
to which i cannot comply:
to hate you, i must protest -
i still don't think you're that bad a guy
inthewater Apr 2018
there's so many words
i wish i could say
but i know, even if i found the courage,
you'd just throw them away
so, i beg the question:
is it better to speak and be heartbroken?
or to be silent and never know?
which would you prefer?
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