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Isaac May 2020
City stretching wide,
Touching on every side.
Buildings so high,
They look beyond the sky.
Space a playground of travel,
So vast it can only baffle.
Time a never ending maze;
We can subdue every phase.
Written 31 May 2020
MdAsadullah Jan 2016
Their obsession to conquer.
Their ancient desire to subdue.
They utilize every opportunity;
And stamp me with their shoe.

A fact they should have known.
Long ago I lost all my ******.
With the passage of time.
I have turned into dead dust.

Calmness is all what I needed.
Only if they had left me alone.
Like dust I would settled down.
Without force subdued on my own.

However, they stamp me repeatedly.
Big-chested, Arrogant guys!
But the more they stamp me,
The more like dust I rise.
myrrh Sep 2014
Debate your fate
Dont subdue to the hate
Give back a fight
With all your might
Free yourself
From the ever imprisoning gate
And walk towards hope
The shining light
Cee Valenso Aug 2014
Speak to me of your daily whims
Of your recurring nightmares
Of your vague dreams
Of your subdued thoughts

Speak to me of the blinding sunlight
Of the watchful moon
Of the loquacious stars
Of the mendacious night sky

Speak to me of the blossoming flowers
Of the condescending trees
Of the dainty birds
Of the cool breeze

Speak to me of unsung novels
Of the rejected songs
Of the smashed guitars
Of the obnoxious trumpets

Speak to me of your distant memories
Of your hopeless aspirations
Of your unappreciated efforts
Of your seemingly insignificant presence

Speak to me of taboo perspectives
Of shunned personalities
Of existing gods
Of modern society

Speak to me of the inexplicable suffering
Of your death desires
Of your unheard cries
Of your weakening heart

Speak to me of unending love
Of blazing flames
Of transient emotions
Of eternal scars

Speak to me.
Please speak to me.
Speak to me of anything.
I need to hear your voice.
The silence is unsettling.
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