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Jason Theodoroff Oct 2023
Here I go again searching for a friend
Looking for someone to recommend
Someone to help me progress in life
Maybe this person could end up my wife

I’ve been looking and hoping to no avail
I feel I need a partner to help me prevail
Maybe I’ll find her or maybe I won’t
My dreams are beginning to feel remote

I’ve got to have faith is what everyone says
Just my luck I run into my friend Suarez
He tells me he knows of a perfect match
Almost like a winning ticket I don’t have to scratch

Her name is Becky I say to myself with a smile
I can’t wait to meet her, I haven’t felt love in awhile
She arrives at my house as quiet as a mouse
I feel really confident that she will be my spouse
Zywa Sep 2022
Writing from the heart

is tricky, spontaneous --

words can be faulty.
Collection "The light of words"
JK Oct 2021
I crest the sand dune
breath catching in my chest.
A sigh of relief,
my eyes consume the sight.

The ocean is so blue.
So vast.
So loud, yet
quiet. Like white noise.

Joy bubbles up into my chest,
onto my smiling lips
and squinting eyes.

My senses buzz with satisfaction.
The smell of sunbaked sand,
of the fresh ocean air.

The wind is cold and the sun is warm.
The sand, scalding hot on
the surface, but cool once
I bury my feet deeper.

Peoples voices and seagulls calls
are muted by
the waves crashing against the shore.

The weightless blue sky,
The deep blue ocean,
and the soft white sand.
Simple enough, but
I can't look away
and I want to stay.
An unedited poem. I really like the ocean.
Lina Sep 2021
I'm tired of being responsible.
I miss the days of my youth
It wasn't a shock when I didn't show up.
I was always moody, blue.

I miss spending the day in bed.
Reminiscing, crying, *******.
Acting wild, getting myself
into trouble. Constantly running.

Midnight skinny dipping with men
whose mouths i'd never taste again.
nights with people whose names i had
to write down so i wouldn't forget.

it's not being an adult...
i'm fine being grown.
alcohol, drugs, ***
no one can tell me no

its the spontaneity i miss
the ability to freely
do things i shouldnt
innocent ignorant silly

i miss being wreckless
Zeynep Çiçek Aug 2021
I follow footsteps I've never treaded
And go where I always wish I'd visited
When my time comes to a close
I sit and watch the water

I listen to whispers that were never for my ears
That live not in reality but in my ears
Phantom touches that leave me breathless
They drown in the water

I remember laughter rolling in the night grass
Whose memory retains it no longer
And as I mourn the friend I wonder
I sit by the water

My heart breaks to pieces
As I sit by the water
I'm leaving to study abroad soon.
Spriha Kant Mar 2021
I wish to get out of the tutelary purlieu because I fear of turning into fragments on its spontaneous explosion by time factor.
Eleanor Sinclair Nov 2020
I knew when I saw you it would be like time hadn't moved
After a few moments we got back into our usual groove
And the scent of you lingered for the seconds I hugged you
I felt happy to be there and maybe you knew

I playfully motioned for you to hold my hand so you did
You probably didn't notice the smile I hid
The tv flickered with a game in the background or music
All while we leaned closer and in an instant felt lucid

We embraced again before the night was done
You walked me out and said you had fun
One more hug this time with a tighter squeeze
In a way it felt infinite and like time could just freeze
I nestled my face in your neck and you did the same
I'm sure you felt my heart race and still you stayed tame
I slowly let go of our entangled goodbyes
Then did my best to avoid your eyes

How long had it been since I felt those butterflies within
With him, it was truly a romance to get lost in
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