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William Robbins Oct 2020
life is N0t always just, nor whaat you'd tcepxe          
                                                 Ski! oftenthimes it just looks like a mses!    
              As late as you thinnk you h--e it non        
                                                                                                 fIgyerred out                                                      
                                            Y u learn thares a upside-up?, and                  
               sAdly, their's no knitting asquare kit.          
         It'll suhck eVVery time.                                          
  Buht, it lonly ladds to the swEEtniss                      
of ife wh n it..                                              
                                  is what you'd expect.
William Robbins Oct 2020
My name is Bic
Bic Pentameter
Iambic Pentameter
Funny, Iambic, pentameter, short
William Robbins Oct 2020
Stormy town
grayly gowned
brooding cloud,
puddled ground

Pouring loud
soothing sound
gentle rain
oozing down
William Robbins Oct 2020
She is
More majestic than an Eagle in flight
With a mind that's quicker than a Black Mamba's bite
Her style and grace, leave exotic Birds, in awe
She's the wildest girl this earth ever saw.

A smile more charming than a Flamingo, full strut
And skin, more precious, than Alpacan furs
Most people think Baboons have a ****
To them I say well you haven't seen hers.

More interesting than an Ostrich, with its head in the sand
and rarer than a frog, with a Goat for a hand
So beautiful it's scary, like a Jungle Cat's screams
With a gaze that's so piercing it haunts sharks in their dreams.

Creatures, rejoice, dance, clap sing and drum
For here,
is the
Queen, for your Kingdom
*Poem is not calling girls animals,
If the animal kingdom was the animal queendom then the poem
would be reversed*
It is the poet's view that both women and men are equally fantastic and human
William Robbins Oct 2020
Queen Antonym of Superficial,
I wish the pseudonym of your official
name was just your name.
Your anonymity is so much more to pity,
as your antonyms
are only pretty,
and their anonymity is in their substance.
William Robbins Oct 2020
A tired leaf
hanging above the grass,
enjoyed a final sway.
And falling down
onto the ground,
he softly whispered "Hey",

"So long my friends.
  I've loved you each.
This life was strange and kind"

And with the wind
his leafy friends
waved him solemnly,
As the end of the scene, finished the play, I went up to the tree and quietly said
Me- "I'm sorry for your loss"
Tree-"Don't worry" "It's fine"
Sadness only takes place in a place called your mind.
William Robbins Oct 2020
Immortal Piano,
what more Piano
do you know?
I mean, you're easy playing cordial
I mean cordially
Well actually....chord-ally,
Portal Piano,
I know that you know much more than the chords you so often play.
For'til Piano,
keys strike JUST SO!, you don't have much to say...

I know what it is, your a trickster!
With your dozens of keys, and nowhere to put them.
..except maybe tiny slots in between. hah.

Just so, you're treasure abounds freely through those keyholes.. though, so often untold, to what extent.
Unknown, but it seems to be, that learning what IS inside, comes at a heavy price.
The price of a lifetime.
A price few have, or ever will have, willing to play.
I mean pay.
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