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Àŧùl Dec 2015
You know me,
I can't love again,
This loneliness stays.
My HP Poem #928
©Atul Kaushal
Unknown Oct 2015
The sun shines every single day
   No matter what
      Even through rain
         So why cant you do the
            Everyone shines in their
               Own way
            Even through the snow        
         Surrounded by the cold
      Eventually youll know
   Nothing stays. It all goes
The only way you should stay
aniket nikhade Aug 2015
From over a period of time
From time to time
Again it has been assessed and proved
A loss of focus not only will cause delay, but also result in failure
Keep a focus on your goal
Awaken your mind
Activate your senses
Mobilize your thought process
Focus on your goal.

Obstacles have always been there in everyone's life
They are part of everyone's life
Dealing with obstacles enriches the level of experience
Skills are honed over a period of time
Same are put to test when overcoming an obstacle
Time and again it has been proved that time is the most critical factor in dealing with an obstacle
A lot of time gets consumed when tackling an obstacle
When dealing with an obstacle always be sure about yourself
Be firmly grounded
No matter what happens
Even when things get out of control
As each and everything moves towards an extreme end.

Recall, recollect and remember everything
From the past and from prior

Be optimistic about yourself
Don't give up
Never lose hope
Learn and remember
Keep it in mind
Dealing with obstacles is a part of reaching towards goal.

A lot of things come into focus when handling things in routine life
When we miss something
We learn from it
When we skip out something
We learn from it
As and when a mistake is made
We learn from it
Learning is a continuous process
Learning never stops
We learn new things and new ways
Learning has always remained a continuous process.

Shaping the future does add the much needed zinger and spice to routine life.
Since the process of learning continues it brings into focus many more new things
A few amongst them include progress, growth and reach
Each amongst the three has got a definite role to play in the present and also in future.

The outside world is a fast changing place
Different from all that we know
As and when you play a game
Important, you know rules of the game
Over a period of time things change
Then comes the right moment of time
Something for which you had been eagerly waiting for quite long
Having learnt from your own prior experience
Having honed your skills
Now you really know very well as to how to play the game
Now following the rules becomes part of your habit
Still a lot of things remain
The goal is still far away
Far, far away

When it comes to winning
Make sure you have got both experience and expertise
Experience and expertise works as a contrast
When to use the right element
In what ratio, depends on need of the hour.

When the right thing takes place at the right moment of time
From then onwards nature of things differ
Gradually everything starts happening in the right direction
Definitely time has a vital role to play in everyone’s life.

Learn as much as possible
Learn from the highs and lows of life
From the mistakes of your life
Learn from the experiences of the past
Imbibe as much as possible
Once on firm grounds, then move ahead
Make it a habit then and always remember
Keep it in mind
As and when you play a game, whenever you play a game
Winning is not an intention
It’s winning for which you are playing
It's your aim.

Give your best to achieve your aim
As and when you win,
From then onwards
Make it a habit of achieving your aim.
emily grace Apr 2015
in all my years of living
i have learned
that nobody stays as long as they promise to
A man is someone
who will protect you
until his last breath.

A man is someone
who will love you
no matter what.

A man is someone
who will care for your children
when you cannot.

A man is someone
who doesn't mind your faults
even when they're huge.

A man is someone
who stays by your side
even when he's not there.

A man is someone
who will not smother you
even when he wants to.
I don't want a boy
for a husband.
I want a man
in blinding light.
BertJane Perez Dec 2014
This sadness I feel
It depresses me...
I just don't know anymore...
I don't fake smiles
Everyone can see how I feel...
"Are you tired? What's wrong?"
They'll never understand...
Neither will I..
This empty feeling.
Yet I know there is something inside me
I can feel the pain
It's definitely there, it never left...
It never stops
I wish it would, but it stays...
I just don't know anymore...
Actually, I never really did
And probably never will...
melina padron Dec 2014
this kind of desperation gets repetitive
and i forget the words i used to know
just to make more space for your name

and it overflows from between my lips
and dribbles down my chin, to my pen
onto the letters i will never think to send.

you were the passing breeze
the humming sound of working bees
the touch and go motion of a strip tease  
like sitting in a waiting room,
hoping you will finally find me.
leena Jun 2014
everything we love eventually leaves and everything we hate always stays. she said so i told her to hate me and she replied "you cant expect me to bring you the moon"

— The End —