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Amanda Mar 6
The eyes
Windows to the soul
When it's dark
Mind awakens
Always whole
In the night
The only spark
Two sparks on an otherwise blank living canvas
OpenWorldView Mar 2019
Shy rays of light
paint warm hues
on dreaming eyes.

And a robin chirps
his morning song
in silver key.

Life awakens
all around.
Nathalie Jan 2019
She is led to this abyss of discovery

No curiosity of hers is left unmet

Experiences of the soul emerge

Throughout daily adventures

A charm is at every turn

And the treasure in opening

Awakens her senses

Even more profoundly

She’s learned that

Distractions are only

Meant for the purpose

Of showing her the

Contrast of how it

Feels to truly live

Infused with her life source

The core of meaningful

Living and existence

Is to merge with this

Love that is at the centre

Of her…being

To know this is deliverance

From the parody of appearances

Which only serves as a comparison

To fully illustrate the duality between

The mind of the ego and the

Awareness of spirit

Karisa Brown Dec 2018
Why do you follow me
Bringing cold air unto
my night sky
Hopping upon my eyelids
Fluttering starkless
After the taste leaves
Sour and pure
Yet rotten and decitful
Traits upon trays
Served to the next one
In line

Why have you
Come for me

You already tried
To **** me once
And that was enough sir
Thank you but
No thank you
I think I'll wait for
Another ride
This time

Love unburden me
I want to come home
Nathalie Nov 2018
Your fire is your gift

It calls you to act

With boldness at times

You may be reticent

To do so…

Your fire is that

Flame in your heart

That knows when to

Stir magic and create…

For those that deeply

Feel your warmth

They are changed by

Your spark and blaze

Your glow illuminates

Your shine adorns

Your flare expresses

And  when unleashed

Awakens and lights the way

Lure Pot Oct 2017
I peruse your poems
and feel your love
it awakens me
I peruse your letters
and feel your hurts
they shock me.

I peruse your heart
and sense your feelings
they make me weak
I peruse your mind
and find your emotions
they turn me back.

I peruse your habit
and realize your treats
they glamor me
I peruse your works
and observe your arts
they satisfy me.

I peruse your eyes
and see your kindness
they are cool like rain
I peruse your smiles
and get your pleasures
they melt all chain.

I peruse your face
and enjoy your looks
they make me wonder
I peruse your beauties
and reverse like books
they make me a writer.

I peruse your voices
and enjoy your melodies
they call me silent
I peruse your shyness
and touch your body
they call me to be silent.

Truly, your love is my drug
your hurt is my tears
your happiness is my life
So, I love you, sweetheart!
Torias Jul 2016
You don't get me,
You never have.
When I ran away,
Were you even sad?
You wanted me gold,
I tarnished in your hands.
I fell through your fingers
Like grains of sand.
You don't get me.
Especially not when
I told you to call me
Kylo Ren.
5/14/16 Felt inspired XD Should I mention the rights to this character belong to Disney or something?
Cecil Miller Feb 2016
Look at me with wide open eyes.
Know that I am not as I appear.
I never did mind the darkness,
Even though it frightens me so.

Sometimes, I fool even myself
Into thinking that I search for answers.           
The truth is something more
Than I ever will display.


And I awaken.

I speak for him,
I speak though him.

It does not matter the reason.

Never, never will I leave.

There was a crystal chalice
From which I used to drink.
There was a set of pricipals
On which I used to think.

And once the door is opened
The words begin to flow.
I am his brother, partner, lover.

I am the summate of his fears.

I am the solvant of his tears.

Sometimes all you have is yourself.

Sometimes all he has is me.

I make the decisions,
And take the actions
That are too difficult for him.

There are times I haved saved his life,
But I should never be mistaken for what I am not.

My venom is toxic.
The following previously untitled bit is just a little homage to my dark half...hope you like it.
(writen feb 12fth, 2012)
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