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  May 2015 BertJane Perez
IL Mare
He had reasons
But I had none
A lot of questions
He'd become

We had memories
So we aren't really strangers
But then he looks at me
Like I'm the only one who can remember
  May 2015 BertJane Perez
IL Mare
she's just another lost
soul in this tragic world
waiting for somebody
to come and change her

she's already tired of the things
that make her feel small
like what's the use of ripping your parts
if you're not whole

but you're the universe that
she'd never get tired of living for
you're the only soul
that makes her love what she doesn't have anymore

so love her like in movies
winter, fall, summer, spring
love her until it's unfair
love her like you're the happiest
and love her like you were born for it
BertJane Perez May 2015
I have traveled this world for sixteen years
I have yet to experience love
I may be young, but I am afraid
Afraid that I'll be alone for the rest of my days...

People say I'm too young and should wait
But what if one day life decides it's too late?
Too late to love the person meant for me
Too late to love in this cruel reality...

Will I ever love someone in the years to come?
Do I even have that long before my life is done?
Life can be fickle and life can wither away
I wish love would hurry, I may only have today...

I wish life would give me the chance
The chance to find love and to feel romance
A romance so pure and without the pain of sorrow
So that I could find the strength to live for tomorrow...

I may seem desperate, but life can be unfair
I do not want to leave without knowing love in the air
I can only wish our paths will cross some way
Hopefully I can live long enough to see that day...
  May 2015 BertJane Perez
i wonder why some people even wanted to put themselves in my shoes
when they’ve got their own anyway
if only they knew that they won’t like it here when they dared to try it
it seemed like it’s just I, the one wearing it, who makes it more beautiful & presentable on the outside
but they’ll surely regret it
for the longer they’re in it, the more painful they’ll have to tolerate
just like how I dealt with it
so better not try it in the first place
if you got your own, wear it then
who knows, you might lose it
I just want you guys to be thankful for wherever you are right now and don't even dare to wish to be in someone else's shoes.. you'll see the difference afterwards.
BertJane Perez Apr 2015
My life was black and white
A colorless canvas that stood barren
Color was never essential
It was never a necessity of mine.

Yet somehow in my own dull perception
A dot had formed right in the center
A bright dot to say the least...

A peculiar thing I had never seen before
It grew slowly, little by little
A storm of color emerged with each inch
Brown, Yellow, Blue, Purple...
So many different colors

My canvas was no longer colorless
In fact it was the complete opposite.
It was not plain and it was not normal
It was now a work of art.

People gawked at its odd style
Praised it for its unusual strokes
A bizarre spectacle to most
And a quite unexpected transformation for me...

"Who painted this strange piece?"
Before I knew it people were staring at me.
Puzzling eyes that clapped in my direction

"Congratulations on your success"
Words that made me realize I was the painter
I was the one holding the brush
The "******" who painted my own path
The one who put color into my life

"Sign the painting" They all cheered
But now that I know I'm the painter
My work of art is not finished yet
I have unfinished business in my life

I cannot quit now.
Knowing that I still haven't found the right colors
The right mix of red, green or blue to solve my problems
I cannot call this a masterpiece...

My life is still a canvas
But it's not colorless anymore...
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