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Pyrrha Jul 2018
Be happy they say
As if its a command, a switch, a lever
So simple to them
They do not see
How intangible it is for us

The ones who refuse to pretend
To lie to ourselves
To lie to everyone

Be happy they say,
Be happy
Dan Beyer Jan 2018
I hear myself in whispers,
I glimpse myself in dreams.
But that is all just (a) sandman's ****.
And I will never be me.
Jack P Aug 2017
you are my universe
if my universe is an animal
and that animal is tearing a smaller creature apart with its teeth.

you are my world
if my world is just this room
and the door is constantly locked from the outside.

i cannot tell if this is asbestos or stardust -
- either way, i can't get it out of my eyes.
inspired by willpower and my lack thereof.
Sarah Lane Jul 2017
Memories are like fireflies in the dark of her loss
Where love grapples to know bounds only the spirit can cross.
I experienced the intangible breath of her soul
As it escaped and created this invisible hole.
Her small, fleeting life showed me that I can't always hold on
But precious things must be cherished even after they're gone.
A short poem about my dog, Tehya, who passed away suddenly at the age of 4.
It’s okay
To think
What seems possible
The intangible
Keeps us
We are,
Words are subjective to the reader; emotions are solitary to the subject.
Qweyku Jul 2016
That familiar,
Wicked whisper


Dreams destruction.
Especially when it screams...

"You'll never achieve!"



Is quantified as the


Weighed as a tiny
Mustard seed.

Ending with...


~ QB
be an inspiration first to yourself and then to others
Lunar Jun 2016
tangible but not,
this was how I painted him
that I may see him everyday.
As realistic as I could,
soon I saw him stare back at me.
But then I realized:
even if his face was so close to mine,
his eyes were distant, a gaze so lost.
Even if my hands grazed over his,
our fingers wouldn't entwine, a touch so cold.
I was this close to having him by my side,
but he was still so far away.
You were realistic,
but you weren't real.
sometimes i feel a connection with paintings, as it is with those pictures of you, wjh.
Nay Jun 2016
I'll run across the world, to find you
my Atlantis

a beautiful yet intangible — An Imagination, A *Forgotten Story
zody rose wang Jan 2016
stagnant, i look to the nightlife for temporary comfort,
gazing into the pseudo love,
into the vacant souls.
empty, i search for a piece of myself in passersby,
learning from their motions,
i steal fragments of truth.
lustful, i plead for the chance to unveil myself,
to present my skin, to be adored aggressively.
but i am floating,
my veins grey,
my eyes opaque,
my blood frozen.
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