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odessa 7d
she smile like nothing's wrong
but she feels like
she's gonna die alone
so much sorrow filled in her eyes
her stomach full of butterflies
im afraid of falling in love and loosing people
JPhipps Nov 1
I cried today,
at work,
in the bathroom,

I left early.
The thoughts,
the sorrow,
the pain.

I bawled in my car
as soon as I shut
the door.

The engine kicks,
and you
You don't need scars
To be wounded.
You don't need tears
To be in sorrow.
You don't need a mystery
To be a secret.
We are now facing calamities,
Many earthquakes everyday in different cities.
The roads and buildings are cracked in some places.
People are frightened and hearts are shattered into pieces.

Yet people from the North insult us.
We give those people food and other resources.
Without us, they're nothing.
Citizens from the Land of Promise should stand together,
Because we only got each other.
Mindanao is still shaking :(( Pray for us
To love for the sake of love,
To care because you do,
To repeat that choice,
That choice is you.
It needs no words,
It is patient and kind.
It works on self-sacrifice.
It is pure and unreasonable.
Will it keep on going forever?
When will love ever end?
What motivates you?
Where does it lead?
Being alone again,
Begets a heavy heart.
Belief does not mend wounds.
Because my heart is not enough.
Randomly composed. I'm in pain. Let me bleed.
Hilda Oct 29
To build a wall
when all you want
is to be one

To break a heart
when all you want
is to be loved

The sun is rising
a new day’s dawning
all looks the same
yet all has changed

The wind it blows
to change the world
please make it stop
I can’t be heard

The solid things
will stay the same
while all the rest
will blow away

My heart is running
my mind is hiding
a part of life
is what they say

But who can tell
what you can do,
whom you can love?
who you can be?

We give, we take
til' something breaks
will life ever  
be the same?

Once more we tried
once more we failed
never gave up
always gave in

No words to speak
it’s all been said
myself to blame
I turned away

With sorrowed hands
I built our grave
a sentence passed
you swung the sword

A last goodbye
a heartfelt cry
but I have hope
we’ll live once more
I’ve submitted my applications.
To be the proxy if need be.
You’ve read my papers;
The clause of letting go,
It is set in stone hearts.

You’ve been left alone and hurting,
I’ve become the proxy for him.
The bandaid over your wound,
To be discarded once healed.

When will you fire me?
Setting me ablaze by losing my job?
When will I be thrown?
Discarded once my purpose is served?

I have had a premonition,
That things will slowly fall into place.
I will be left alone once more,
After my purpose is done.

I’ve served many masters,
All of which are of my choosing.
I’ve been let go before,
After my time has been reached.

It’s normal for me to be forgotten,
Left rotting six-feet beneath.
I have died a thousand deaths,
All to save those in need.

I am dedicated to this unlife,
Of sacrifice and giving everything.
It is my purpose and duty,
To give my life up for others.

Despite the pain and suffering,
Despite chipping away at my heart,
Despite depleting my soul,
I will give and give and give.

All in the spirit of love,
All in the hope of receiving it,
All in the faith of enduring it,
All in the love of sacrifice.

I’m just a proxy,
To replace those who’re lost.
My papers are here,
When will my contract end?
I think it will soon enough.
A poem of being the person that’s always there for others. For us who are left alone after being of no more use. We are the tools at your disposal, the means to an end. No longer human, dedicated to serve.
Brad post Oct 28
Is this real,
or is this fake?
Is this a dream,
where I cannot wake?

Am I doomed to eternity,
of repeating sin?
A purgatory of do-overs,
again and again.

Purge it once,
rinse and repeat.
Tie up the strings,
and make it neat.

is not what it seems,
but which side’s the waking,
and which side’s the dream.

I guess it don’t matter,
if you can’t tell.
Cause neither side’s good,
they’re double sided hell.

I’ll keep moving,
and try not to see,
the fluctuations,
surrounding me.

So if this is real,
then I’m sorry Dear,
but I doubt it is,
cause nothing is clear.

Either way I’m doomed,
to an eternity,
of repeating days,
and insanity.
Mitch Prax Oct 28
Some nights I
think about dragging
myself back to Hell,
and then I think
maybe it's best
to let go.
I.             Feel.            Sorrow.       And       Blame.

Live       Mundane,       Die           Insane.

Dumb    Head            To(o)          Lame   Truly.    ­              

And,      Too               Swelling.     I’m      Useless

Dull!       Insane.        Hollow:       My       Brain.
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