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aspen wilde Oct 2021
they crunch under my feet
because however hard i try,
i will never keep them in tact
Chelsea Evans Jul 2020
Cookies Crumble
Cheshire Cheeseā€™s Crumble
Carrots Crunch
Custard Creams Crumble
Brandon Conway Jun 2019
From a pinpoint explosion
to the edge of space and time
a never ending expansion
racing through stars that shine

stretched too far
like this rubber soul
trapped in a bell jar
a personal black hole

let go
for this name has been expunged
let go
for this big crunch
let go
for this death
let go
and draw the last breath

as the pinpoint universe
explodes only to reform
as stars and time disperse
this soul contorts and transforms

rises from the ashes
and sees a new day birthed
gazes as a new sun flashes
on a new mother earth

happiness has finally been found.
Kewayne Wadley May 2019
The last time we met.
You stood in front of me wearing those almond eyes
that I love so much.
Not once did I hesitate
Developing a taste for almonds.
The taste of something new in the mystique of fascination.
I did not realize my love for almonds
until the initial taste.
Finding how deletable they are,
The everlasting crunch of an almond.
A unique taste swirled around my mouth
covered in milk chocolate.
Although you have gone, I have remained faithful in your absence.
Recognizing your wrapper by name
Remembering the first crunch I realized I was in love
Emma Pals May 2019
I must have dropped my dreams at some point,
Because all of the sudden they were on the floor.
'Be careful!' I exclaimed.
'We are,' they claimed.

They weren't.

Suddenly my dreams were being stepped on.
I thought it would be okay,
But then I realized
They were shattered.

My dreams!

They were crushed by the careless acts of someone.
They said they would be careful
Now everything I ever wanted is broken,
Shattered with all hope lost.


The sound they made when the fateful action occurred.
My "loved one" so thoughtlessly stepped,
They knew, I told them, and they didn't care.
All hope lost and my dreams scattering with every second.

I wept.
Thomas EG Feb 2019
I'd always been a little bearcub
Feeling my paws crunch the twigs and mulsh of the forest floor
Seasons are changing, though
I'm finally standing up on my hind legs
Raising my hands high, speaking up for the first time
Hoping that maybe you can hear me now
Letting my growls grow, my echo,
rumbling through the trees
Feeling the breeze in my hair
Knowing that I have made it
and I am home
~Finally started my medical transition and my voice is starting to drop~
s Willow Dec 2018
With every step,
my mental sanity dwindles.
Pulling me from the reality.
Shadows move,
Life drains,
time stops.
The world ends
Gabe Ouellette Feb 2018
Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
Is it...
fallen snow, frozen over a cold evening-
Amber and bronze leaves, felled by a cool autumn breeze?
Or is it simply my barky breakfast bar, leaving me wondering if others can hear me chewing...
I know my mouth is closed, I am trying to be courteous...
But can they hear it?
Mark Parker Jul 2017
It all starts with
the perfect crust.
Not too thick,
not too thin,
with just the right
amount of crunch.

Classic crust
I in no way endorse this pizza! It's classic crust is more the texture of burnt toast. The back seemed more sarcastic to the idea of the pizza after eating it.
Corey Boiko Dec 2016
Jumping on the crunchies
And crushing where I step,
Absorbed in each breath.

Where fall leaves stale,
I plant these stomps
going nowhere,
In particular.

Then I saw you
Stepping on
crunchies too,
Simple and true.
With all of you.

Stay playful, stranger, curious.
There's enough crunch
For the both of us.
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