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Thomas EG Feb 9
I'd always been a little bearcub
Feeling my paws crunch the twigs and mulsh of the forest floor
Seasons are changing, though
I'm finally standing up on my hind legs
Raising my hands high, speaking up for the first time
Hoping that maybe you can hear me now
Letting my growls grow, my echo, rumbling through the trees
Feeling the breeze in my hair
Knowing that I have made it
I am home
~Finally started my medical transition and my voice is starting to drop~
s Willow Dec 2018
With every step,
my mental sanity dwindles.
Pulling me from the reality.
Shadows move,
Life drains,
time stops.
The world ends
Gabe Ouellette Feb 2018
Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!
Is it...
fallen snow, frozen over a cold evening-
Amber and bronze leaves, felled by a cool autumn breeze?
Or is it simply my barky breakfast bar, leaving me wondering if others can hear me chewing...
I know my mouth is closed, I am trying to be courteous...
But can they hear it?
Mark Parker Jul 2017
It all starts with
the perfect crust.
Not too thick,
not too thin,
with just the right
amount of crunch.

Classic crust
I in no way endorse this pizza! It's classic crust is more the texture of burnt toast. The back seemed more sarcastic to the idea of the pizza after eating it.
Corey Boiko Dec 2016
Jumping on the crunchies
And crushing where I step,
Absorbed in each breath.

Where fall leaves stale,
I plant these stomps
going nowhere,
In particular.

Then I saw you
Stepping on
crunchies too,
Simple and true.
With all of you.

Stay playful, stranger, curious.
There's enough crunch
For the both of us.
Claire Sep 2016
its been so long since I’ve written you down
and since, there have been other you’s that have
come and gone
like these seasons,

so now it is Fall again,
the time last year during which my heart was aching
as you vanished from my side;
I stopped and watched as
you went;
you went so

i stand now, still abandoned
like a tree from its leaves
but I do stand,
and I wonder what you’re doing now,
but only for a moment
before I continue walking;
as the leaves that were silenced
crunch beneath my sentimental feet.
hello, its been a while
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
They just keep gnawing on my bones
They're glassy eyed they look like drons
With a persistent chewing grinding away
It goes on all night and day
Teeth scraping on bone the sounds unnerving
They think my bones they are deserving
They just keep gnawing, and bitting through
But this is nothing very new
Teeth on bone, crunch crunch, crunch
Gnawing on me again for lunch
Pauline Russell Mar 2016
The Mongoose dances with the Cobra
Bending and twitching, it looked like yoga
One little ***** of those poisons fangs
Will leave it dying in ravenous pain
The Mongoose so small and frail
It looks like the dance with the Cobra is sure to fail
The jumping and striking is memorizing to watch
Looking exhausted they raise it up a notch
A dance to the death is the show before me
The Cobra's hood is all I can see
He sways from side to side trying to hypnotize
But I can hear the Mongoose's chattering cries
Bouncing back and fourth on legs of springs
The Cobra strikes, you can hear the zing
The Mongoose is to fast, to the side it jumps
Then comes the bone crushing crunch
As the snakes body curls in on it's self into a ball
Looks like the mongoose won after all

So even if you think of yourself as small
Be the mongoose when problems come to call
Peter Simon Feb 2015
And it's not only our world,
That'll shatter in the end,
But the whole *universe...

Waves are pushing the shore
Continents are drifting from the top of the core
On the other hand existence is grounding more
Who made this life and torn?
How did the beauty born?
And who left this earth alone?
  Who lost the time in a cyclone blown?
I am standing far from the any
And the waves are making the sounds of penny!
I see the wee time folds within the ripples of many -

@ Musfiq us shaleheen
Everything is going to be crunched and making new existence in course of time and we are always try to make our existence but never thought about who are fate less and deprived ......
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