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Micaela Nov 2018
frightened about addictions--
mine feel far less dark
because they blaze from a white

lower the brightness. i can't
bear to feel my eyes
dissolving like my dull white
Zane Safrit Aug 2018
A silver smartphone
Hides on a silver bedspread
Wise is he who knows

Copyright © 2018 by Zane Safrit. All rights reserved.
CGW Aug 2018
My synthetic sleep catching up with me.
In the darkest hour
all my past and future selves collect into one.
Falling apart.
Piece by piece.
This artificial world, what ever happened to you?
This insomniac world that never goes to sleep.
How did we get here?
Disconnected people polluting the hallow veins of earth.
We think we are free but we are caged in by our highly technologicaly advanced smart phones.
Through out the existence of mankind we have sought to create tools which would further our abilitys to live easier lives but now we have surrendered to our own creation.
Have we become subjected to empty shells or is there still hope?
Somewhere out there is a future world surging with infinite peace.
Kagey Sage Jun 2018
It's not like the last time when I was younger
I didn't let my aloofness make my plunder go asunder
I stayed open as the season in the boonies
but no brunette bullet shells wanted a coat of peacock feathers

Is it these two gray hairs in my too short hair
with the boring clothes and job scaring the mares back to the woods?

The suburban streets are lonely
nothing but parent shut-ins and  kids on bicycles
So I go to the forests and the cities
where you can walk together freely with the occupants in there

I wanna ask her for the time just so I can talk to her
But she knows that I have a blue screen too
that'll tell me just as well

I log onto the network to look up her haunts
where I see her all the time
I find her name and request she sees mine

I make up a story related to happenstance of mutual friends
We write back and forth a few times
'Till the small talk stops, the replies end
we see each other and avoid eyes
Äŧül Jan 2018
Though they outsource manufacturing,
The major profit stays within the nation.

Micromax Canvas Infinity is definitively a great device.
Both Pooja and I have got one each of this fantastic device.

My HP Poem #1698
©Atul Kaushal
Paused, on the keyboard,
the ticks dissipating,
words, turning to clouds,
clouds of nothingness,
it's all a mess,
confessing my mistake,
reverting paragraphs of apologies,
lost, in life deserted,
the touch which my heart instantly recognized,
was lost again,
the butterflies had already died (in my stomach),
feeling lifeless,
I tried again, and again, and again,
thinking the cursor would reappear,
all did appear,
was my life line ticking low,
till today,
I regret, those words,
I swear to not let my heart, flush them recklessly,
For I don't wish to lose things again,
K Balachandran Nov 2017
****** smartphone,
in a trance she always was!
her world never called.
K Balachandran Oct 2017
smartphone addict, she
tripped, fell and photobombed him;
in his selfie now
m i m a y Sep 2017
Hindi ako handa sa biglaan **** pag-alis
Sobra akong nasaktan sa sobrang bilis
Hindi ko akalain, sa tagal ng pinagsamahan natin
Nagawa mo parin akong iwanan at paiyakin
Gioo Mar 2017
I have you in my sight
Time to take that picture
Saving it with your name
So you can look yourself up

Tell me where you are now
I need to know for your safety
Forget about privacy
Everyone's life is becoming an open book

Film all of your surroundings
to give memories more meaning
You look so much more happier
with that shining bright filter on

Slave of the new media
Need to confirm my existence
So please give me your opinion
to make my wasted days count

Conversations made
through meaningless stares at the screen
Real emotions never shown
Only delivered

Have you heard the news?
Why are you ignoring me?
Because everybody else has heard
about the truth of my lies
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