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sitting across from you in this quiet library
while we do homework,
i look at you and wonder-
how did i get so lucky to be loved by you?
6 months ago you asked me out.
6 months of pure happiness and love,
6 months of never once questioning if you do love me,
only knowing that you do.
and now, we look forward to the rest of our lives,
loving someone has never been easier,
it's like second nature,
as simple and innate as breathing.
your fluffy brown curls,
stunning hazel eyes,
and adorable silver and navy glasses;
unparalleled intelligence,
kindness, goofiness, dorkiness,
lovability- my golden retriever boy.
you always take care of me,
especially when my adhd and anxiety get bad,
and i always take care of you,
especially when you're tired and dehydrated.
i love you
Sarah Elizabeth Apr 2018
Dear Bryan,
I love it when you
Say my name
With the knowledge that with your last it will never be the same
Say my name
And change my initials to fit yours a little better
At least, one day, we’ll have one letter more in common
Say my name
And fulfill my dreams of being your queen
You say comfort is king
In OUR california king bed
I know you’ll do nothing less than make my cheeks red
And sore
Say my name
And open the door to our future
Every enunciated letter a step closer to our life together  
Serenade me
Sing me to our reality with the symphony of syllables leaving your luscious lips
Love me like this is the first and last moment of our united consciousness
Say my name
Drive me crazy
On this roadtrip of emotions
Every border crossed and hotel room occupied a new chapter in our lives
Every gallon of gas spent
And motel room left
New memories that we will never forget
Say my name
Don’t refrain from shouting it from the rooftops like you say you want to so badly
One day they’ll be the mountaintops by our California home  
Hold me
While your vocal chords explode with the feelings I hold dear to my heart
While I lay on your chest and hear yours
Ba dum
Ba dum
Ba dum
As if speaking in Morse code:
I love you
I love you
I love you
Translating this language has never been so easy
One of the many tongues I want you to help me be fluent in
Say my name
In your oh so endearing voice
Because I swear
I have never heard it sound so melodious than when it’s coming from your mouth
And if I’m lucky
You’ll be the last one to whisper it in my ear,
Like sweet nothings,
For the rest of our lives.
Love, Sarah Elizabeth Canalejo
Falling for you has been seamless, and simple. Yet lovely, and complex.
Cana Mar 2018
My story of us
Of a clock blonde ticking
Counting the sheep until apocalypse
A simple verse would not suffice
Nor would a complexity borne of years.

A deluge of elocution,
Remembrance drowned.
The fickle combination of
Llamas and lambs grazing
In my backyard alongside other

The llamas wear glasses sometimes

Anguished intellectuals
Locked up in bedrooms
Chained to porches.
Their advice is good
Their words wise and thoughtful
Themselves, ****** up.

Ink stained tomes littering desks.
Nail bitten fingers clinging to pens.
Red veined eyes squinting at parchment
Words given life. But to follow ones own advice?

Rare is the joyous bespectacled llama
Bestowing wisdom onto the sheep
Watching them frolicking on the lawn
Trying to find rhythm in gangly legs
Urgently, awkwardly alone.
I just spat words onto a page.
You figure it out. I’m still trying to.
Pastell dichter Apr 2016
you are my heart beat
you saved me
you are my light
and I know its cheesy
but you are my world
you are my everything
I love you
you are my sky
you are my moon
you are the warm sunshine on a summer day
you are my love
elizabeth Mar 2016
You're funny,
I'm funny,
We're quite a humorous pair;
Even though sometimes,
We get into each other's hair.

You're a dork,
I'm a dork,
We're both tons of fun.
Don't you worry,
This poem has only just begun.

You're tall,
I'm short,
We're funny that way;
We talk and laugh
And play all day.

You like reading rhymes,
I like to write them,
You're a poet's best friend;
And please, don't fret.
'Cause we'll be friends 'til the end.
I wrote this for my best guy friend.
Savannah Jane Dec 2014
you tell me you are falling
falling for my eyes
falling for my smile
falling for my sweetness
falling for my craziness
and my dorky side
and you like to tell me
that i'm perfect
even when
my eyes don't shine
my smile isn't real
and i'm not so sweet
and my crazy likes to get the
better of me
and you especially like telling me
when i'm rambling
and talking myself in circles
much like i am now.
i wonder what you'd think of this poem.
Day Nov 2014
I called you about wall portals because
you're the only voice I ever want to hear,
but especially when my senses are heightened and
I feel at one with the world.

I could talk to your voicemail for hours and never get tired,
because I know it will eventually reach you..

.. and I remind you all the time because
I don't want you to forget.

It isn't just about love,
it's about reminding you that,
because I love you,
I'm never going anywhere,

Stop wondering about whether you should chase me away or not.

I'm not ******* going anywhere.
Ynika Aron Jun 2014
I think this year I’ll get you
A box of diapers
Because you never grew up.

I don't know what this is

— The End —