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i used to think that
i wasn’t the main
character of my
own story.
i’ve learned
that i am-
it’s just a really
messed up story
in the mood
to go for a walk
in a warm summer
rain with someone
i love
i've finally found the inspiration
to write again and the time to do it.
we both need time to heal and figure
out life, this is how i heal and
start the next chapter of my life
thank you for not teaching me any real knowledge
but instead teaching me how to memorize correct answers.
thank you for making us teach ourselves and our parents saying
"you spend too much time on the internet"
when in reality some of us were teaching ourselves because
you never did.
you taught me that grades are more important than my
physical and mental health.
some of us are here because we want to learn,
others are only here because it's required by law.
please teach for the ones who want to be here.
i just want the happily ever after
every little girl dreams of
because romance has been
since the moment i came out
of the womb, but hey-
that's just part of being
a girl
"let's examine these words."
yes- let's lay them on a table,
cut them open and diagnose nothing.
autopsying when you know that
there's nothing to find
you said “we can talk about this”
but what you really meant was
“we’ll talk, you’ll listen,
this is the way it’ll be.”
talking implies both parties
sharing their sides of the story.
once again, you haven’t been
totally truthful.
i’m 17, i can take it. trust me.
but just don’t lie to me.
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