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I see you happy.
Flowers smile at the sight of a woman and her child.
God is proud of his world, as the angels smile.
I brace my chest and growl the pain away.

I see you eager.
Infecting others with a desire to please.
Breeze, the love you spread fills minds with ease.
I ball up my fists and dig my own nails into my hands.

I see you care.
The smile you give, the hand you extend. I could never repay such kindness again.
Forever I am lost, lost and in love. With a taken woman.
My scowl answers your extended hand.

I see you go.
And I tear every memory of you from my heart, and write it into a poem.
I wrot a letter to you once and asked you if you love me.
I faked a letter once that said I'd love you to the end.
Grassy beaches, giving trees.
A mourner crying on his knees.
To the wife who told him "I do."

Faster than a moving train, unpredictable like the acid rain.
A tragedy I knew would come, but I prayed.
I prayed.
I prayed for it to hit me swift. A gentle nudge off a cliff.
But before I fell and broke my heart.
I prayed, to be loved.
A short simple poem of a tragedy.
Screams echo madly.

To my silly little dream.

Falling teeth and eating phones.

I put the snooze on a hold.

Betraying all my friends tonight.

This dream will never be alive.

So dance madly and chaotic.

Dreams that last like a narcotic.

The caricature of a me.

Drowning and crying in the sea.

Playing soccer on the field.

Former lovers leave concealed.

From your smile to a frown.

The last breath before you drown.

But I see that everything.

Merely a silly little dream.

Crying tears, abundant tears.

As I wake up from my dream.

And feel my heart crunch.
Attempting to write in a similar style of
The truth behind a photograph BY CommonStory
We never really did ask for you,
Souped up cars and ****** up avenues.
Shivers down your spine, over fined for the damage done.
Pay up. The greater good needs your wallet son.

******* parkour, running in the streets off,
The roundabout where a couple broke each others lease on,
Life. There ain't no harder calmer man who's fighting.
The parents he believed in, smoked out the lighting.

How could there ever live a guy who's fighting for the personal right to call himself his family that's split across the world.
Divided, the house cannot stand.
Invited to the worldwide plan to forget, integrate and live inside a computer world.

Nevermore to care, the raven leaves the planet earth to find a people who can feel for something other than themselves.
Singing little nightingale, posted in a video warns users, but his language of the heart doesn't sell.

Candid, Sanded and machined to a polish.
Words spread like a bacteria.
Your dearly sad.
I couldn't help but notice the monster I created. Monster see, Monster do. Promise you a monster too.

Snowy hills and lonely peaks, to 7 every day of the week.
It's cold to you. It's hard to you.
**** a little animal too relieve yourself.
Believe yourself, it should evolve to defend itself.

Softer hearts grow distant.
My parents wonder where I am?
I'm well enough, without a friend.
Better to observe than pretend. To be anything but what I am.
Confused about where I am.

You couldn't see beyond the brush.
For­get that we ever said I love you.
Little more of a weird poem. Just here for anyone to see and understand.
I made all these paper constructs for you.
To see when the rain,
Would soak through and make me wet.

The ground is low, for today.
He's feeling pretty glum,
I think he's got a fever.

When life comes to make you unhappy,
Just write you dearest wish,
Into a little jar.

Come here close and listen to me.
Secrets lie under a giving tree.
I cry when I sleep.

Snowmen play.
Roses whine.
The days are too short,
My sweet pumpkin pie.

No one did ask me what I had thought.
But I think,
My showers nice.

I play the radio real low,
To contemplate,
The Syrian war.

Here's the truth,
Don't ask me twice.
It's embarrassing, to tell you something nice.
My first loves a *****.

It's not very nice, to hate your friends.
Winter dies and summer ends.
Would your teacher ask you for a smoke?
Light it up like the burning sun.

Nervous tics and Irish bells.
Awkward laughs and dating sells.
Where did we meet? Don't ask me why.
I found you in the park underneath the sky.

Daisies past and a wondering breeze.
You have no idea what you mean to me.
Staring deeply into my eyes.
-Who are you again?

Multi-platform shoes walk again into,
Rivers flowing memories of you.
No one sees where the rainbow ends.
They told me don't ever be more then friends.

Candid words, wondering why.
This suit went well with a purple tie.
Council calls,
Deeper wells.
Have you seen my fat?
Raw emotion makes the weirdest poems
Nevermore will the sun set on the day.
Dreamy blue skies smile, unveil and show mans dreams.
As your wafty blond hair lay woven between my fingers.

Sweetest god gifted to me, temptation.
I trust in the you that watches me.
Golden gates, your smile greets the world.

Knife edges, wounds and scars disappear.
The me that watches you is lost in those eyes.
Lay across the ground. Stare up into those broken dreams.

As the ground falls away, let me catch you heart and soul.
Nevermore to drown alone.
God kisses your sullen cheek, as the you that watches weeps.
Love, could I ever really compete? To the you who watches.
I will smile through each hardship, just so you can too.
It is actually embarrassing to write like this.
To you, the one who is useless at everything.
To you, the one who is weak in front of everyone.
To you, the one who is despicable.
To you, the one who has no true friends.
To you, the one who is truly unique.

You will lose and you will fail over and over again.
You were not born with the things others have.
You will need to obtain them with your own hands.
And even when you do, even when you've struggled pathetically.
You will still be, just you.
It's not about insecurity. It's just, a feeling of being strong.
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