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Astral Jan 15
I hate this feeling,
Deep inside my gut,
That makes me feel like bleeding.
I wish my mouth would shut.

That when I want to look,
My eyes would turn away.
And then when I feel shook,
I realize its my fault, I should pay.
Anna-Eliza Nov 2018
I thought growing up was easier?
Fake smiles as currency
chipping away at our humane shield.

I guess it can seem easy to some, right?
The never-ending cycle
of do great things, sometimes not great things, and be rewarded.

But why?
They say be yourself, and unique, and embrace
but criticize for being themselves, being different, and being proud.

Do they purposefully maneuver us into corners?
Oh well
A miniature Ferris wheel can't be that bad.
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
It shook me.
Like the buzzing of an early morning alarm, I was awoken from my sleep.
Into reality, I was thrown, and into the mini-van, I was packed away.
I didn’t want to leave, but I left with my family
And, by the grace of God, a fourteen hour drive landed us safely in Georgia.
Georgia… Ah, Georgia.
It had been a while since my last visit, though every previous time was voluntary.
In Georgia, they cancel school over a little rain,
While the eye of the storm hovers its dreadful head over my home,
As if to see what it could devour.
But it didn’t.
It didn’t succeed.
It didn’t quench its thirst.
It couldn’t devour.
It barely left a mark on my home, but the mark on the community was much larger.
This was a wake-up call to that community to commune, to partake in its purpose.
It was a call to me to partake in mine.
My calling, like a dream from a deep sleep,
Was awoken… and
It shook me.

Written about a particularly annoying event of nature.
Shookery Nov 2017
Question me not, my butterfly flow

And see me up high, how far will I go

See, Karma is real, and soon you will know

These wings are of power, they bring joy or woe
With a single flap, I send a message

And too through of that, Maybe a wreckage

BUT calm of this will, I a butterfly

My karma can ****, yet I'd rather fly
Bring life to the Earth with radiant love

Showering worth from skies up above

May peace come at birth, as it needs a shove

Looming of the day, at night, I a dove

I'm fragile yet beautiful, gone with the wind

Karma Butterfly then will win in the end.

Butterfly; a powerful, majestic, yet tiny and fragile creature. Beautiful, unique, mesmerizing, yet neglected and mistreated. A symbol of power through its wings as one flap can create a hurricane, or its death can send a ripple through time. You and I, we are butterflies.

Karma; a casual yet relentless and merciless killer of the wrong, and a loving gifter of the right. Karma is like a guardian angel always watching. See to it that you never upset her.

**Karma Butterfly; Majestic killer to the bad. A wave of blissfulness to the good. Intimidating and hypnotizing. Colorful and dashing. Purely improvisational. Wonderous, powerful, effective, impacting, simply one of a kind.
Hope you understand that you're a Karma Butterfly too.
Khole Aug 2017
There is a broken record under my pillow in a dream
There is shattered glass across the floor
There are pages ripped out of books
I'm shook

There are matches on my headboard
There is rope in the garage
There is a bottle full of pills
There is a tub full of water
There is a drawer full of knives
There is a river down the road
There is a key for the case of guns
There is a train coming at noon
What do I do? What do I do?
So many choices to choose.
There is a broken record under my pillow
Honestly I'm not sure what this is, but I try to post everything and anything that may or will come to mind.

— The End —