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LWZ Sep 2020
A pawn and not a rook
Out of my mind and heading home
I could have changed my mind and headed by your side
So unnecessary and cruel
I won the Bet
And took what was left

See what’s next.
Try your best.
Until I finally put this to rest
Amanda Hawk Jul 2020
Crumbling down

Seek safety in a doorway

I feel the walls shake

Falling falling under your gaze

Warmth in your smile

Left my world trembling

Splintering and breaking apart reasoning

Wave after wave, nerves carrying this seismic activity

And I am quaking for your touch

Unable to speak

Unable to hold my balance

Gripping onto the doorway, knuckles white

Gaze to the floor, focusing

Quivering lips, wavering breath

I am in the doorway you have just crossed

Clutching your arm you stop

Looking at each other

You know what I can’t say

Pulling me close

Tumbling, crumbling are these walls

Heart tremors

Love has come and shook my world upside down
Ghostt Jun 2020
I told myself i didn't want to write about you anymore
But i cant lie, you've shook me to my core
You'll look deep in my eyes
And then your mouth will spit even more lies
I try to run away from you
We both know, you'll just leave me broken and blue
I try so hard to disconnect
It feels like i haven't slept
Don't pretend to love me
We both know, we could be meant to be.
the leaves of fall
shook themselves loose from trees
to enrich spring soils
Karisa Brown Jul 2019
Displaced silence
Took presidency
Over anything ever before
And never once again
Beginning to account from
Where she left

She flew for a minute
Then touched earth
And decided
It wasn't her cup of tea
Why sit with
The normals
Why retrace the
Same look
The same composure
She felt very much out of place

But look wait she said
There's a higher ground instead
I don't desire enough quit yet
Still I want to finish my making
I've forgotten a few steps
Along the way
See I've been undertaken
By hardships
And bills and kids and life
Its all taking a very long
To allow and to claim
And to find myself some piece of mind
All my own
I had completly forgotten who
I was
The black brain void I called it
Sepped in one night and she forgotten
How to leave it
So she stood there
Running in place
Not making a silent
Yet screaming nothing
All day

The empty took hold of her and made a martyer out of a prince
The principals thumb ruled her own
Hell she Forgot she even had a voice
Rhoemeoh May 2019
I can barely remember the year I fell in love
with love. She took me everywhere I wanted to go
and home was wherever she was.

I have detailed memories of when Love, fell
out of love with me. I sat in shock as she dropped
me off at my home. Who knew home could feel
like nowhere at all?
Written 4-24-2018
Memories that I still haven't forgotten.
Max Apr 2019
I just read a book
And at the end I was shook.
So I read it again
But then I forgot how it began.
That darned confusing book.
First try.
In memory of Edward Lear.
Astral Jan 2019
I hate this feeling,
Deep inside my gut,
That makes me feel like bleeding.
I wish my mouth would shut.

That when I want to look,
My eyes would turn away.
And then when I feel shook,
I realize its my fault, I should pay.
Eliza Nov 2018
I thought growing up was easier?
Fake smiles as currency
chipping away at our humane shield.

I guess it can seem easy to some, right?
The never-ending cycle
of do great things, sometimes not great things, and be rewarded.

But why?
They say be yourself, and unique, and embrace
but criticize for being themselves, being different, and being proud.

Do they purposefully maneuver us into corners?
Oh well
A miniature Ferris wheel can't be that bad.
Jessica Jarvis Feb 2018
It shook me.
Like the buzzing of an early morning alarm, I was awoken from my sleep.
Into reality, I was thrown, and into the mini-van, I was packed away.
I didn’t want to leave, but I left with my family
And, by the grace of God, a fourteen hour drive landed us safely in Georgia.
Georgia… Ah, Georgia.
It had been a while since my last visit, though every previous time was voluntary.
In Georgia, they cancel school over a little rain,
While the eye of the storm hovers its dreadful head over my home,
As if to see what it could devour.
But it didn’t.
It didn’t succeed.
It didn’t quench its thirst.
It couldn’t devour.
It barely left a mark on my home, but the mark on the community was much larger.
This was a wake-up call to that community to commune, to partake in its purpose.
It was a call to me to partake in mine.
My calling, like a dream from a deep sleep,
Was awoken… and
It shook me.

Written about a particularly annoying event of nature.
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