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Jessica Jarvis May 2023
Recently “minutes” or recently “hours”?
Recently, minutes were reasonably ours.
Like how I “recently” saw him at the grocery store,
And “recently” went back, hoping I might again.

Sure, we spoke…

So I logged on, recently,
Just to see what’s up.
That’s how it always is,
And the status is always the same:
Here- I’ll say it for you. “Lol, Jess. Who hurt you?” 😂

I’m fine; I’m just dehydrated.

Jessica Jarvis Apr 2023
I zone out, staring at neon towers
An intercom beeps, “we’ll be boarding shortly” and I snap
Out of my days.
I’m out of days,
Days I want to be lost in and have forgotten all at once.
          What happened here?
Lost in heartbeats and honey whisky…
A sweetly resounding lullaby or siren song
I can’t decipher, but I’m held nonetheless.
Memories shimmer through my mind like the lights on the water, neither of which I’ll expect you to understand.
You won’t because you can’t.
“And that’s okay.”
That’s your catchphrase.
You tell me it’s, “okay.” You say that a lot,
And for once in my life,
I believe it.
How could I not when you speak out of earnest?
Your eyes as sweet as chocolate chips,
As rich as fresh espresso-
I tremble at the sugar rush.
I crumble at the withdrawals.
So reality strikes again in my lonesome.
Thoughts flicker in my head like hollywood movies whose colors have faded sepia,
Because that’s all they are now.
Dusting the fog from my eyes, out of my days come nights, and in the nights, neon lights.
“Last call, boarding flight…”
          It stays here.
Jessica Jarvis Apr 2023
I like the rain,
the subtle chill I feel before we meet,
with clouds to soften brassy spring beams.

It’s my favorite hiding place.

Its fluorescent shimmer on the lake,
encasing my bedroom in endless waves
of whirring winds to dampen loving moans.

I disappear and return all at once.

I feel its warmth, its cool, its caress,
how it speaks in charming whispers.
I think it likes me too.
I think the rain could use another love poem written about it, yaknow?

Jessica Jarvis Apr 2023
Fistfuls of lust, yet tender
Smell your skin, and dare remember
Holding, yielding, grasping, pleading

Smokey eyes and steaming embers
Destruct the inner walls to lend her
Naïve tongue and tremble breathing

Heat. “I like it”.

Roughing, grinding, fasting, slowing
Oils seeping, fingers deeping
Push and pull to tease and bend her.

Stop, but just to start again,
Steaming. Heating. Beating… Beating…
Beat the heart to break and mend her.
Steamy… 3.10.23
Jessica Jarvis Jul 2022
You can tell by my teeth that I don’t have the time to take care of myself
You can tell by my face that I don’t really mind forgetting myself
Wouldn’t know by my smile how hard I try to hide regretting myself
In the highs or the lows, I don’t know how I can stop upsetting myself
Had a bad day the other day. Doing better now, but y’know howeeteez.
Jessica Jarvis Jul 2022
pretty little itty bitty tinker toys
and temperamental sentimental emo boys
both intricately cute
and intimately mute
it’s the little things that count to mounts of many joys
Cuties, aren’t they?

Jessica Jarvis May 2019
“I love you.”
“I know.”
Between the highs,
And the low,
In the times
When I’m alone,
That’s what love does.

It comforts,
And hides
In the corners
Of your mind,
Yet surprises
Just in time.
That’s what love does.

It takes
The chance
The percentage
Of circumstance,
The sacrifice
In glance,
And does what love does.

It conquers,
And pays
The cost,
Without delays,
As if it’s not much,
To stay,
Because that’s what love does.

It hugs,
It kisses,
It sees you
And misses,
Yer true love,
Rarely disses,
Because that’s what love does.

I haven’t written poetry in a while, even the silly, cheesy, lovey stuff. Even that used to be so simple and easy, but I haven’t done it in a while, primarily because of the most cliché reason: I’ve been too busy. My Love reminded me of what loves means, and how it supercedes that of any excuse. He does that a lot. He reminds me of the simplicities in life and helps me enjoy them. It’s just a funny coincidence how he said something that inspired me to write a poem about just that: “That’s what love does.” It wasn’t until after I wrote this that I realized all it takes is just a little of my time... If you truly love something, more than likely you can make something happen of it. I’m proud to say this was a result. Here’s to hoping that I don’t lose sight of the simple things in life, and Lord help me if I do forget by placing people in my life to help me remember.

This was written in just 7 minutes...
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