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Spooks Jun 19
The water goes above my head
Feels like i haven't left my bed
Is this what it feels like?
I'm drowning, not sure how long i can fight
I'm sinking deeper and deeper
The bottom seems too be getting even steeper
So ill hold my breathe
Till i drown to my death.
Spooks Jun 19
I told myself i didn't want to write about you anymore
But i cant lie, you've shook me to my core
You'll look deep in my eyes
And then your mouth will spit even more lies
I try to run away from you
We both know, you'll just leave me broken and blue
I try so hard to disconnect
It feels like i haven't slept
Don't pretend to love me
We both know, we could be meant to be.
Spooks Jun 19
Is it impossible to love someone like me?
I am a storm and i am the sea.
I am chaos and i am calm.
I am too much and i am not enough.
I am a pile of broken pieces but i will help put yours together again.
I am a hurricane and i am the lighting.
I will make my mark on your life.
Is it so impossible to love someone like me?
I am a storm and I am a Sea.
I am chaos and I am calm.
I am a hurricane and I am lighting.
I am made of only broken pieces.
But I will love you so deeply,
Spooks Jun 18
I could tell you everything about that day
From my hair down to my shoes
But I’ll never know the right words to say
Skinny jeans and a band T
I was at a concert
Did you even realize I was only 13?
My friend asked you for a ride home
You took us both, but she was the first to go
That’s when my mind started to roam
I could’ve sworn I lived closer
You kissed me and then you started to touch me
At first I didn’t mind, I did think you were cute
That’s when I realized what was about to be
You started to take my pants off
I said I had my period which I really did
You didn’t care, you just wanted to get one-off
I said no so many times
You didn’t care
How could you not see all the crossed lines?
Did you know I was a ******?
You took everything from me
My pride, my courage.
Spooks May 29
Love is a dangerous game
That I don’t know how to play
Sometimes I wish you never came
Sometimes than I think I’d be okay
You have the sun In your eyes
And i the moon
Too bad you spill nothing but lies
Maybe I just let you in too soon
For you are the sun
And I am the moon
Spooks May 6
I want to feel you so deep
a soul connection, inside me
I want to beg you for more
As you leave me ***** and sore
Your touch give me chills
and your finger, well it gives me thrills
Kiss my neck as you touch my body
As your hand slide down my side, don’t worry baby make it naughty
I love to feel you so deep
I love the way you make love to me
Spooks May 6
Maybe it was the way you looked at me
or maybe it was the way you kissed me
There was always something about you
You always had the right things to say
Little did I know then
That there would ALWAYS be something about you
It would always be you
If I had known then what I know now
I would’ve never let your kiss touch the depths of my soul
I would’ve never let your words make me feel something
But it’s too late and here we are
No matter when, what,who, or how
For some stupid reason
It will ALWAYS be you
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