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LWZ Jul 22
Two worlds become one union
Shaping one another into something new

The sun rises and is followed by the darkness

The night sky opens and swallows me whole

This is the last time I loved you
The increasing awareness that my feelings have completely shattered your world
The end and the beginning

Watch the flowers wither away until the dry soil is so hard you can’t even dig through

Invest in fresh soil and patiently feed your roots, for one day those flowers will continue to bloom.
LWZ Jul 20
I look into the stars to feel you.
I look into the stars to see something new.
The pain and trauma that we’ve been through, is nothing compared to my love for you.

It burns in the softness of a flame.
Something has died, but I look away.
They say stars have perished long ago, yet clear in the sky they continue to glow.

Death is the beginning,
Reborn into something new.
Ponder the power that mystery holds ahead.
The beauty in its secrets provides infinite opportunity in which we’ve never been.

Indeed stars may perish, yet
constellations evolve on the same wavelength to something greater than they ever knew.
#denial #ex #stars #infinite
LWZ Jul 2
Swift like the sun
Shift from light to night
The tides align with the moon
And put up a fight
Father I’ve burned in your existence
Ignite the gasoline
Put yourself in a dream
Drift into the haze

My mother hates you
Never says a word
Gave you freedom
Sheds no tears

Strong in the garden
Feet rooted in the soil
Doesn’t even phase her
Expected from such a vile act
Nothing can be undone
So time has healed the pain
The secrets are no longer relevant
But the memories remain
LWZ Jul 2
Flower people,
frolicking on the moon,
Smiling with their eyes through honest jest.
How did they grow without soil, water,
or air? Roses out of concrete defying social constructs.
Follow the flower people.
Show them you give a **** about the delicacy they expel
Reject your insensitivity and care about someone else.
LWZ Jun 26
Warm like the sunset.
Brisk as November.

I lie between your thighs with meaningful intent.
Orange and yellow phospherence fills my space after you have left.

Dense air fills the area.
Smoke infiltrates my lungs
inhaling the poison, I become addicted.

The aura grows demented.
Brown and yellow.
Orange and green.
The haze is to be seen as if in a childhood dream.

Something quite familiar,
but nothing like I've ever seen.

Distillation of my soul.
What has once been lost,
is now sure to be found.

Distortion of the mind dominates the spirit.
The heart inevitably beats pure, white, innocence.

I'll judge myself more frequently than anyone else.
Passion explicitly rests in the mind.
My desires are a gift to me.
The sun setting will always be free.
LWZ Jun 21
Fear and regret.
Doubt has become my friend.
I reside in the shadows of a cathedral, where stained glass windows are left shattered and wet.
Moss lines the cold, thick, brick walls.
Hallways so dark and ominous they appear to have no end.
This is home now, this is the reformatory.

Here to liberate my soul,
And convert back to gold.
I did not know I was waiting for this.
Freedom illuminates the corridors.
Cancel the christening.
Find me in the rose garden,
Dancing with the serpent and his demons.
#judas #demons #soul #dancing #shattered #freedom #rose #garden #christening #reformatory #fear #regret #doubt
LWZ Jun 20
I found solace in the house of mirrors
I’ve been looking deep in my reflection
I’ve been frightened to see the things I disagree

So far from my truth and the light within
My soul will be repaired
Until my heart ceases to pump the deep dark blood inside I will not stop

I can start over
Reignite the flames that burn so deeply
Must stay in tune to the energy within me
Begging it please to take me on a journey
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