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My love She wears a rimbaud collar
A loose ribbon just like her brain

I knew I'd never seen a prettier sight
In my life.

But I closed my blinds 'fore I could see
Which direction she was walking;

I could use the company
But I'd be bound to fall in love again.
Everyone said they're here to help
But they've all disappeared,

Now Kensita's the only club I rep.
Good times but they're all *******
In hindsight I guess
O well I hope you never forget me.

Nurofen + just to ease the aches
Another day or maybe two

I know we were born strangers to the other

And I know I'll never see my mother again

It's sad to think about so I try not to think at all

But I'm sick of this being my version of sober

It's a diy lobotomy but a hammer'd be cheaper.
No need to cry another tear

My love She forced me cold

So that I know she'll never want to visit me again.

I'm alone again

And it feels like heaven

I'm not afraid to die

Nor afraid of tomorrow

Cause my love left me worthless

And though developmentally-stunted

I know I did not deserve it

But my love She's free to rot out of the corner

Of my eyes and I swear once they were only
For Her
But now
I see their true beauty.
I say I'm better but I know I'm just
Keeping Me temporarily happy,
So they've prolonged my stay another while.

I'm bloodless still and bent out of shape

But what a humble miracle for an outcome:

My love held me til death did us part
And I know I'm lucky
To still be breathing at all. My love, oh, she's finally gone

And at last I'm finally thankful

My love won't drag me down no more.
: )
DogKeep Nov 2022
When you know you are late to work
but let time hang loose from your body like an oversized suit regardless,
you are sure to open the floor of the earth and feel like a pervert.

Feet will try to scuttle you with haste across leaf painted pavements toward your occupation but, glancing at the bustle of similar people spread about, you now feel embarrassed.

So you force them to slow down, almost bringing yourself to a stubborn standstill. You can't stop entirely of course. The momentum of the merry-go-round would crush your organs against the stationary facade of your body in an instance, and there'd be no blood left at the back of your brain.
Work-a-day Work-a-life
Danny U Busch Apr 2022
once – oh – we were young
glorious an' burdenless
so sweet the youngblood candydness
heroic an' iconic
shouldn't that been written
down on leaves of gold?

tryin to reach the stars
dying in our skies
the purpose orphaned - and of less
than any kind of size

once – oh – I was young
ignoring good advice
called fate to arms & dice
and never and
the demons dearly died

the road of burning youngmanhood
so perilous and broad
the pride of lacking country,
ethos or a god.

stupidity! – oh privilege
a bashfool in his prime
i got a glimpse of my turn to good
  oh glittering prize
     oh heavenly burden of light…
(with a little inspiration by A. Rimbaud)
Danny U Busch Apr 2022
an orphaned sky
yet almost blue
depicting wasteland beautiful
travel save, ye lonely bird
and take care of your thought and word

a single beat, a single song
abandoned lands, a moan so long
hurting kind, oh bless my soul
melancholia has taken it’s toll

contoures blurred
in a view unkind
the difference of
the second sight

a stone uncarved
the tide unfilled
unequation - remain in light
straight ahead
neither left, nor right
straight ahead,
neither left, nor right

things unsaid, things undone
things unsomething, songs unsung
the road untravelled
the weakness strong
the deeds so many
too many turns wrong

oh faithful breath ye gentle wind
make me see the morning light
straight ahead
not left
not right…
written in 2015
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Divinity of the Day lets me think I’m in the sky
But that’s alright, like to go about this blind
Exiled darling wandering in the summer blessedly long
Divinity of the Day, my whispered prayer through the dark

God, that enthralled
you read in a raindrop
before it hits the ground
sunset boulevard torch,
is up one of these bends,
waved in night
West Hollywood Rimbaud,
feathers falling into my hair,
dressed in invention’s favorite mood

with my roadhouse sheet music
written of my life’s inspiration adorned walls, slightly cold
I was lost but playing it off, until
my racing heart reached time future and
said, soul adored believe what’s in store
dose to help you forget and live

Harp in hand, each step how it rings
scammed and scorched
no lying that all this running leads to
hardly breathing
There’s smoke around you
drifting into an image faithful to the vast,
wild west
bravely standing despite the emptiness
as if guided, divinely guided

with my diamond focus on the garden path
of the muse, open, aware
just walking through, even confused, you mean
my images of paradise were drawn in too
permanent as the myths, placards of legends

Beaming with a strange and frightening beauty
from chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the read claiming
Lord knows, enamored with you, so take these pretty copper arrows
good for aiming up beyond, that remind me, been on my own so long
afteryourimbaud Jun 2018
[Untukmu di Langkawi, 26 Jun 2018]

Beratus-ratus retakan kaca
tidakkan pernah imbang neraca
betapa berat hatiku menunggu
detik-detik tak berpenghujung
beribu-ribu detakan hati
takkan pernah akan ku lari

biar Bukowski dengan kebuntuan
biar Rimbaud dengan ketidaktentuan
akan hanya ada dirimu dalam
laci yang penuh dengan kepastian.

Berbatu-batu kau ke utara
begitulah rasa ini terawang-awang di udara.
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Divinity of the day, how true and overwhelming
But that’s alright, you’ve given me sight

God, that enthralled
Lush, sunset boulevard torch
A west Hollywood Rimbaud
Scammed and scorched,
running, but still breathing
New age wild west muse

Like midnight’s request for sweetness as music and dreams
A rageling songstress on the longest roadway, sacrificing my best

If I give you all my songs will you feel alright, lush
Take me for all that I am? That much, run with the immense
Learning everything, even how to bless

With my roadhouse sheetmusic
illustrating my life’s inspiration adorned walls, sad ending
I was lost but playing it off, until my racing heart reached
Time future and said, soul, believe what’s in store,
Outrageous dose

Beaming with strange and frightening beauty
From chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
Dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the real claiming

Lord knows, I’m enamored with the purely copper arrows
Aimed at heights, long and lonely paths for the
Songs of death, of life, wilderness and good times

With my diamond focus
On the garden path of the wise, open, aware
Just walking thru, even confused, you mean
My images of paradise were drawn in diamond too?
Permanent as the myths, legends, poetry?
Emily Termotto Jul 2016
Leaving rambles like Rimbaud
In a bed where you felt someone
You shouldn't have knelt
With your bony knees on that bony floor
Prayers never answered anymore.

Kisses with saliva you did salvia
On your sister's bed
Awoke to Ok Computer
Above your head, the Archangel
Lay naked bathing in the light
Of your delusions, your mind twitching
In a state of confusion.
If my memory serves, Satan dear
I once went to Hell for a year
Attempted in vain
To find love with Verlaine
And now that’s all done, I’m a seer!
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