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Euthenics is the slender reed of hope or recovery. Pretty visitors adept at taking what should be morose and converting it into something resplendent.
Ken Pepiton Oct 2023
Any time I think of it,
almost every day, I think of it.

I am like you, I do not like you.
I think you think I do not exist.

I do.
So do you, and that is the only why.
I think you, so I am, and this is it.

This is it. The state of being left be
the realm of all possibility, where
no impossible thing is posed to ****
all our hopes with common fear of death.
Spir'tual effort to drift away...
Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2022
To touch base, I've mixed with bass,
treble; or tremble at the highest volume,
audiotapes left in the closet, those love
confessions in secret; titled into a mixtape,
Or was it a mistake to place myself in the
music I tried to write?

The lyrics are just me ranting away,
in the thinking of finding a way.
I feel a little blue today; in a jazz of a saxophone,
ordering snacks on my phone. It feels too easy to
rhyme. To play with my words. CD discs,
I was scratched by love; in the ignorance of bliss.

Sad playlists saved in good question,
earphones stuck in my ears while I'm still asleep.
Good reason for me to seem so restless,
bluetooth speaker; hoping to successfully connect.
Still pairing to an unpaired match I could bet.

But music is always emotion, just in beat,
catchy hooks, melodies, and shuffling your feet.
To get you off your feet, get you to think, and as
my dad would say, "your favourite songs gets your *** lit"

I can't function without my music.
Man Feb 2021
no more guesses
not another assumption
you tell me what's on your mind
let me know what you need to function
but i just can't grasp at straws any longer
you let me know
when you're feeling stronger
Ileana Amara Dec 2020
the world works like a machinery,
and i am a young robot
made to function despite the misery;
at the expense of death on the inside,
pieces of me were individually bought.

Irakli Beria Mar 2020
Man means himself
It is very similar to the sun...
One is the sun, it is possible to warmer
Second is the sun, global warming may be threatening,
But unlike this sun
You are the land,
This land is possible for the sun
It's functioning...
kain Jul 2019
There are a million little things
That I want to say to you
That's you'll always be beautiful
And my heart lights up
Whenever I get a text
Then drops
When it isn't from you
Your music tastes are great
There's someone I think you'd like
But you'll never get to know
Because we don't talk much anyways
I think I'm caught up
In your face
And your smile
It's so cliche but
I haven't felt like this
In a while
You're something I'll always miss
Sweet cherry blossoms
Mixed with a bit of bitterness
There's something we never had
That touch and go
Easily flowing conversation
And I want that
Like I want you
I want you
I'm being petty but she just texted me ahhhhh
lovelywildflower Nov 2018
in guitar class
holding a guitar in my hands
but my fingers aren't moving
they're not working
i'm trying to play
but i can't
every time i breathe in
a cloud of sadness gets pulled in
and my lungs ache
tears are falling
i can't see the notes
my vision is blurry
why can't i move?
c Nov 2018
You always told me
I was good at math
But why am I seeing error
When I try
To hit function?
Tristan Brown Nov 2018
If I was a love poet
I'd say I love you the
same way a smartphone
loves wi-fi;

Able to work without
you, but only fully
functional when I'm
with you.
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