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Naeem Jun 24
Feeling 6ft under
When I'm 30000 feet off the ground
Naeem Jun 21
I learnt to run faster
To distance from my problems
Stockpiling boxes on boxes
Locking away my emotions
I practised the jab
Fighting to get these thoughts out of my head
I stop over-caring
Ended up forgetting how to feel
But the one thing I'll never do
Is confront what's bothering me
Knowing the answer is always y
Naeem Jun 11
I keep dreaming of flashbacks
That reminisce about the future
I keep looking ahead
At days already long lived ago
I keep seeing your face when my eyes close
A face I'm yet to meet
I keep fighting each day
When the war has already been lost

What's wrong with me?
Naeem May 23
Seems we're all searching for love
In a society fueld by heartbreak
Hope running dry in search of a better day
Before I take my life away

I just need a single reason
To wake up tomorrow
Naeem May 19
there's been too many conditions
On unconditional love
Too many questions asked
On unexplainable emotions
Too many lonely nights
Under a roof so many sleep
Too many second chances wasted
On a hopeless romantic like me
It's about time I finally left it all
you already knows there too many reasons
But I'll name only 13...
13 seems too little
Naeem May 19
Off the top of my head
When ever I think back all I see is dread
Mindlessly roaming the days
Passing the time as i slowly fade
Into the night I dissapear
Never seen to been seen
As if I was ever seen in the first place
Naeem May 16
Writing is odd
The happiest I appear to be
The quicker the ink runs dry
Flipping the scales
The same holds true
So if for some reason, someday
You receive a flurry of new poems
You'll know why
And it isn't difficult to guess what happened
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