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clever 2d
she was looking for love in all the right places
but her mother said the devil can take many faces

she ruined herself but still loved him the same
choosing him over her own family name

she pleaded her innocence to no avail
so she sat and just watched her whole life derail

she lost her way in trying to find "the one"
she loved the thrill but chasing all of them is done
and then there were six.
clever 2d
lately, i've been hearing that you wrote
someone else's name on your heart
but lord knows that all the sharpie in the world
couldn't cover up what i carved there
clever 3d
i want to roll my eyes so hard
that someone who likes to gamble
as much as you could
use them as game dice.
i hope you like snake eyes
clever 6d
i wish the child-locks on medicine bottles
worked on people that don't have that childlike innocence
clever 7d
i wonder how long it'll be until i'm finally okay
with everything never being able to be okay again
wherever i go
clever 7d
heavy is the crown, but only for the weak.
i suppose that i'm weak, then,
because without you i can't keep my head up.
the fire never goes out.
clever Jun 8
i wanna ask you to stay up with me
so you don't have to wake up and
find my brain matter painting the ceiling
i don't wanna do this anymore
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