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adriana Apr 2021
i hope that our stars will align again soon, sweet boy
adriana Apr 2021
i miss you and you haven't even left
adriana Mar 2021
than feel this way inside.
i miss it when you loved only me.
adriana Mar 2021
i made myself vulnerable so i could be close to you
and if i could i would burn away every inch of skin that you touched.
i'm so ashamed of loving you
i hate you so much. i hate you i hate you i hate you. and i still love you so much.
adriana Jan 2021
let me go.
i want to hold you close.
adriana Dec 2020
i love you now and i'll love you forever
i just hope that i'll have the chance to love you again.
pain enough to make me write again for the first time since july.
adriana Jul 2020
i would give anything to feel okay just one more time.
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