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That self, that version
The one who's been forgotten
The one they never accepted
The one who was hidden
That inner self, that inner nerd,
The one without no emotion...

Time has come!
The song has been sung!
No point in running no more...
The time has come..

Time to unleash the "one"
Time to be truly "me" !!!
Sakif Hossain Dec 2019
Some mornings are filled with clouds,
yet that sun is shining bright..
Those dark long nights,
Though it's a moonlit night...

Sometimes these feelings are just hard to bear..
Feelings that are hard explain
Those **** feelings,
Why don't you let me be?

Somedays, just wanna grab that phone
Someday I'll give that number a call...
Someday I'll stop wondering
Someday I'll not think anymore...
Someday someday...

Why is it, that I miss her feeling?
Life is going on at its own pace
Why this hollowness?
If only I had the answers!

Someday I'll break off those shackles
Someday I'll defy those logics
Someday I'll open my heart to hurt once more...
Someday someday...
Sakif Hossain Mar 2019
What keeps you going?
It is the promise that distant future gave?
Is it the dream that you cradled from the start?
Is it those responsibilities that keeps you pushing?
Or is it that promise you made to yourself?

Whatever fuels you, you have to go on...
Hurdles can divert you, but can never derail you
It only makes the journey fun..

Quitting is not for you!
That pedestal of immortality is yours for the taking...
You have to instill despair in the heart of those haters...
You my friend, have to go on..
You owe it to yourself!
Own your destiny!!!
Heck is there a destiny??
It's all in your hands...
Sakif Hossain Mar 2019
It's true, i don't call you anymore
But my ears still long for that voice...

It's true, I don't text you anymore
But I still only wait for your text...

It's true, I don't scroll through your profile anymore,
But my eyes still want to see you...

It's true, I don't check on you anymore
But I still worry only about you...

It's true, I have waited for you for years,
But it is just too painful than it should be..

It's just getting more difficult to go on, without any reward...
Maybe , you just succeeded to break my patience...
Maybe I just can't keep doing this to myself anymore...

Maybe I just need your answer...
No, I deserve a final answer!
At least you owe me that much...
Sakif Hossain Aug 2018
My sweet fairy, my only one
The one owner of my heart..
Why my heart feels so warm,
U guessed right, it's her..

Well sure she's far away,
But hey it's only distance,
I know she thinks of me every day..
Though we can't talk for days,
But that one hour with her worth waiting...

They say there's a day for love,
For me every moment is for love..
I love her innocence,
I love her every cute antic..
Cause she's the one,
The one fairy of my heart...
Sakif Hossain Jul 2018
A heart made of mere flesh
A heart that has feelings
A heart that makes you suffer all emotions...
One day it makes the world Eden’s garden
Devil’s playground feels nothing other day.

A switch, could’ve solved it all
Switch only you can control
Turning it on I could work all day,
Could've felt happiness,
A pure happiness that I haven’t felt in ages,
A happiness not clouded by her memories,
Surrounded by friends I wouldn’t feel alone…
The dreaded empty feeling, I’m sure
I’m sure I will feel that day…
If only I had that switch
You could stab me with that dagger called “ignoring”
I would’ve felt nothing, I would’ve had a smile on my face
A true smile…

Oh almighty, why you gave this bone-cage?
Is it enough to protect a precious heart?
A metal armor for my heart,
Not even sunlight could pass through it, let alone emotions
A heart that nobody could shatter,
That’s what I really needed…
But I what do I have?
A heart susceptible to all emotions,
That kindles both pain and happiness…
You’re my pain, you’re my cure
Can’t have only one…
Sakif Hossain Jun 2018
from the maze of lybrinth I rise..
from the graves of darkness I rise..
from the abyss called failure I rise...

Oh you push me back and back
gift me heartbreak after heartbreak,
shatter every dream and hope
push me to the brink of despair
But it aint curtains yet,
from clutches of despair I rise...

Kicked me in the gut,
knock me down to ground,
Write me off,
Sing the goodbye song..
But surprise motherf**ker!!!
I aint staying down...

From the ground I will always rise..

O phoenix !
My precious phoenix...
You enlighten me to the path...

Torch me down haters...
Strip me of every hope
From the ashes of my own
Like you I will still rise...
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