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Jess Carroll Jul 28
an endless stream, unbroken by the stillness of ice
no matter how cold the winter gets
or how empty it might feel
it's full of promise
to nurture the growth of spring
Jess Carroll Jul 28
It might not have been made with gemstones
Or a company's mass production,
But it cost more than anything else
And it was lost in my careless compulsion
Jess Carroll Jul 28
maybe every beating heart you pass on the street
is thinking of hearts either broken or stilled
by the movement of feet
all in the same direction, a moment never killed
Jess Carroll Jul 28
Hidden in the forest
A silent, hidden animal
ran off by all the noise
that's caused by an intruding tourist

Could be human or not
But it's disturbing the peace of wood and rock,
and no animal
hidden in the gentle, dew-laden rot

would dare disturb the aura
of a mess of life, in the messiest beauty
to sate their curiosity
would they?
Jess Carroll Jul 28
I feel as though indifference
is the best show of affection
when your partner
sees nothing but perfection
in yourself, full of doubt
Jess Carroll Jul 26
are any of you lost at sea?

I am. I haven't set sail yet, and I've already lost my way.
I've had older sailors tell me that it's too early to be lost,
but that opinion isn't a guide; it doesn't matter what they say.

I used to have a map, but it wasn't finished.
I wrote it as a child, dreaming of stars.
the direction of the map has completely diminished.

now, all I know is that I can't stop trying.
if I lose momentum now, I'll sink and never surface.
all I have is hope that I'll find where I'm going without crying.

all I have is hope that I'll find where I'm going without crying never-ending tears that flood my ship.
Jess Carroll Jul 25
If Earth is afraid
I don't want a bomb shelter
I want you with me
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