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Jennifer Herbert Jul 2020
It's the quietest time of night
Where the moon has peaked
All is hushed
And you're supposed to be asleep

But your mind plays games
Making noise that keep you awake
Mocking your restlessness and fears
Little monsters play tug-of-war
And swing from moonlit chandeliers

I Find comfort in the dark
A pitch black tranquility
But little monsters search for a thought
To keep me awake unwillingly

Heart steadies like the sea
Holding on to the evanescent dreams
Waiting for the pounce of little feet
Jumping on on you like a trampoline

They've finally tuckered themselves out
From running about
They curl up beside me
And count their sheep
Beside little monsters
I sleep
Jennifer Herbert Jul 2020
Have you ever noticed
The green leaves in the summer
Ever thought about the moment they would turn
A different color
When the yellows and oranges begin to bleed through
Or do you only notice their beauty
Before they whisper "Adieu"
Jennifer Herbert Jul 2020
Slowing chipping at my shell
I watch it start to break away
Some days it doesn't seem to crack
But I still make progress anyway

Inside this loved but shackle of a shell
I've been the same me
Living by my limits and inhibitions
But I finally feel like breaking free

Unsure of who I am to become
Like a mystery without a clue
There's beauty in ultimately finding one
The discovery of something new

The pieces fall off when their ready
Those tiny slivers that once kept me safe
Breaking through your own shell
Is about growing and finding your place
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
Read you my poem
Excited to share, you're deaf
You silenced my lips
Someone please message me to share their thoughts.  First haiku, trying to convey the thought about my passion of writing, and how it annoys those to dont understand, or want to understand.
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
You dont get to pick and choose
Forcing someone or something to be a muse
Like nature it grows organically
From your heart and mind's insanity
Picking up letters and phrases
Hands typing quick across the pages
The rhymes don't even matter
Thoughts always seem to scatter
Never satisfied with the image you wrote
But it's better than words stuck in your throat
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
My mind wanders all day
And I daydream of you
Closing my eyes for a moment
Imagining myself on top of you

Just a few more hours to go
It's been such a long week
Longing for your warm embrace
Your silk touch on my cheek

I hear you calling
Every minute of every day
I leave you waiting
I'm sorry I couldn't stay

I'll make it home to you
Your patience goes unsaid
I cant wait to crawl into you
My love. My bed.
Love exhausted bed silk daydream sleep
Jennifer Herbert Jun 2020
You look into her eyes
How waves of blue collide
But she sees weary hollows
Something her exhaustion cannot hide

You touch her hands
So soft and enduring
But she feels her fingers
Parts her anxieties keep shearing

You watch her smile
Like replaying a favorite memory
But she notices her smirk
Crooked and unsteady

The mirror you hold is cracked
She will never see what you see
Her insecurities unwavering
But you will repeatedly disagree
Insecurities crooked smile tired eyes mirror cracked love beauty hands fingers disagree sweet
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