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But it is an Easter
Nathalie Apr 19
Sunflowers poked their heads

Out of the winter’s snow

Which thawed under

The rays of the radiant sun

Burrows of eager rabbits

Were left vacant

As these fluffy tail adventurers

Chased greener pastures

Star studded drops of dew

Outlined lily pads

Leisurely floating

Around in tear filled ponds

Blades of green foliage

Perked up as the

New days of warmth

Lit the fields with love

Lilli Sutton Apr 5
I stretch out Thursday afternoon
until it is see-through at the edges.
I talked to so many people today
and all of them chanted: go west
but maybe that’s not what’s best for me.
Down south is crawling with ***** whispers
and I want to pull them out of the ground
and rinse them clean. Like vegetables
spread out on the kitchen table
in late September: orange and purple
and the scent of soil heavy
by the open windows.

At my aunt’s house,
as a kid, the mudroom was my favorite place -
transition point between low-ceilinged
dark and quiet inside space
and the impossible Vermont sky,
the chickens and the garden
and grass that sloped down to a valley
the size of my child fist. Sometimes in the evening
we’d see coyotes creep from the shadows
of the trees down below, or hear the foxes cry.
We would hike up the gravel road
and climb the mountain before the sun set,
scramble back down in the dusk.
I wish I remembered more
than just picking grass and slowly
splitting it into strips, to learn the way
my hands were capable of deconstructing.
But it came in useful later,
when we went into the woods
to strip the birch trees of their bark:
the best kindling for fire.

So smoke rises and chases us.
To keep the smoke away,
my aunt says, you have to think
about white rabbits. Little
does she know - my ideas
are always half-baked or burnt.
Never the way they should be.
So I do what I think I hear her say –
and I think about white rabbits,
covered in mud.
Bhill Feb 25
When I was a child I thought about wind.
Where did it come from, how did it begin?
Was it caused, at all, by the waving of the trees?
Was the waving of the trees, caused by the breeze?

I still to this day, remember thinking many things.
As a child my mind pondered, how do birds use their wings?
How and why, do rabbits hop,
Why do fish swim and firecrackers pop?

Ants are plum crazy, how they dig in the dirt,
I wear my pants but my sister wears a skirt?
Why does it rain and why are you sad?
Does the light switch frighten away all the bad?

Now that I’m older I still think alot.
The problem now seems...  oh ****, I forgot!

Brian Hill - 2019 - February
Inspired by the mind of my young brain..
One of my earliest memories is of the wind.  Why are the trees causing this wind?  And then we grownup!
Johnny walker Jan 14
"Oh been so down of late
In order to get by digging deep Into my thoughts for
memories of my past like pulling rabbits from a magic hat
Inventing fantasise whatever It takes to get through the day no choice but to do this
So whenever Im feeling down I'll just pull another rabbit from my magic hat
to get me through the next few days to who knows what
Strange fantasies and memorise that get me
through my days
Aa Harvey May 2018

Rabbit ear’s pointing up towards the sky.
They are listening out for the bunnies that are calling out for love,
To begin their wail.
In search of a love, he is always hoping to find.
One he could love would be the one,
Who could make him wag his bright eyed bushy tail.

He knows that a wiggle of the nose is the way to go,
To find himself a mate.
Her silhouette is his reflection, a mirror version;
A recognizable shape and a friendly face.
He hops over to say hello to the mystery carrot eater.
“Hello, how are you today?  My name is Bouncer”
“Hi; I’m Leaper.”

And so the love story begins;
The bouncing, the leaping and carrot eating.
A sharing of a pleasant dream.
Only into each other’s arms are the lover’s a leaping.

On past the flowers and down into their burrow.
Bouncer and Leaper snuggle up next to each other, nice and close.
They stay down in their warren to keep each other warm,
Until spring is sprung and the kit baby is born…
And then Bouncer can hop off outside,
To fetch his Leaper a rose of thorns.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Skylar Michael Mar 2018
i felt like i was in an elevator that was on the eighteenth floor,
but then dropped twenty more down, six feet deeper into the ground,
i was like a white rabbit, frozen in the headlights of a speeding car
with no chance of survival unless i took extreme measures to escape,
i tried and tried to make it out alive but in the end i died
like a train with it's passengers aboard.
that's how i woke up, in a sweat like a river,
for this is a dream i once dreamt,
the horses are coming so you better run if you want to survive
and make it out alive.
there's only one way out and that's to follow Alice.
darling, don't you know?
the good times are over and gone but dream on, dear, dream on,
it's a good feeling, i know.
the cats are out of the bag and the birds are loose,
so the feeling doesn't last long but enjoy it while you can
before our hearts and lungs collide.
the way you put one foot in front of the other and in line with mine
reminded me of when i saw you father and mother dancing one time
because if you think it through too many times,
it becomes a blur of reality and too many breaths.
i'm not calling you a thief, just don't steal from me,
cause i know i'm a decent tailor
from the many times that i've had to mend my heart with patches
of future love.
this old stuffed rabbit that i sleep with,
i've killed it with kisses and drowned it with tears
but it still has no reply to my wonderings.
Nazanin Feb 2018
Cry, cry lil darlin , as so far
You were so fragile for this war
Come here time is in my hand
Come here where the rabbits are.
Nazanin Feb 2018
She was fire and dance
Inside her small circle of despair
Violence and love beneath the skin
She was a lil rabbit
Lost in the woods of her own.
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