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Johnny walker Jan 14
"Oh been so down of late
In order to get by digging deep Into my thoughts for
memories of my past like pulling rabbits from a magic hat
Inventing fantasise whatever It takes to get through the day no choice but to do this
So whenever Im feeling down I'll just pull another rabbit from my magic hat
to get me through the next few days to who knows what
Strange fantasies and memorise that get me
through my days
Aa Harvey May 2018

Rabbit ear’s pointing up towards the sky.
They are listening out for the bunnies that are calling out for love,
To begin their wail.
In search of a love, he is always hoping to find.
One he could love would be the one,
Who could make him wag his bright eyed bushy tail.

He knows that a wiggle of the nose is the way to go,
To find himself a mate.
Her silhouette is his reflection, a mirror version;
A recognizable shape and a friendly face.
He hops over to say hello to the mystery carrot eater.
“Hello, how are you today?  My name is Bouncer”
“Hi; I’m Leaper.”

And so the love story begins;
The bouncing, the leaping and carrot eating.
A sharing of a pleasant dream.
Only into each other’s arms are the lover’s a leaping.

On past the flowers and down into their burrow.
Bouncer and Leaper snuggle up next to each other, nice and close.
They stay down in their warren to keep each other warm,
Until spring is sprung and the kit baby is born…
And then Bouncer can hop off outside,
To fetch his Leaper a rose of thorns.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Skylar Michael Mar 2018
i felt like i was in an elevator that was on the eighteenth floor,
but then dropped twenty more down, six feet deeper into the ground,
i was like a white rabbit, frozen in the headlights of a speeding car
with no chance of survival unless i took extreme measures to escape,
i tried and tried to make it out alive but in the end i died
like a train with it's passengers aboard.
that's how i woke up, in a sweat like a river,
for this is a dream i once dreamt,
the horses are coming so you better run if you want to survive
and make it out alive.
there's only one way out and that's to follow Alice.
darling, don't you know?
the good times are over and gone but dream on, dear, dream on,
it's a good feeling, i know.
the cats are out of the bag and the birds are loose,
so the feeling doesn't last long but enjoy it while you can
before our hearts and lungs collide.
the way you put one foot in front of the other and in line with mine
reminded me of when i saw you father and mother dancing one time
because if you think it through too many times,
it becomes a blur of reality and too many breaths.
i'm not calling you a thief, just don't steal from me,
cause i know i'm a decent tailor
from the many times that i've had to mend my heart with patches
of future love.
this old stuffed rabbit that i sleep with,
i've killed it with kisses and drowned it with tears
but it still has no reply to my wonderings.
Nazanin Feb 2018
Cry, cry lil darlin , as so far
You were so fragile for this war
Come here time is in my hand
Come here where the rabbits are.
Nazanin Feb 2018
She was fire and dance
Inside her small circle of despair
Violence and love beneath the skin
She was a lil rabbit
Lost in the woods of her own.
mythie Nov 2017
Why do cats hate rabbits?
Why do they decapitate and lick their heads?
What did the rabbit do?
Cats are mean, I hate them.

Why are rabbits so cute?
They're fluffy and full of life.
The way they eat makes my heart flutter.
Rabbits are nice, I love them.

My schoolyard pal, a snow-white rabbit.
Decapitated in the corner of its cage.
A lonesome black cat, licking its head.
What a horrendous sight.

I never liked cats.
They make my heart ache.
My only friend was taken away.
Why are cats so mean?
Sunny days are passionate.
Rainy days are tinged with melancholy.
Windy days overflow with poetry.
I disperse cats' lives in various ways.
Monika Nov 2017
did you

Why did you have to **** him?

Why did you have to **** him?
Did he ever do anything to you?

Why did you have to **** him?
Did you want my attention too?

Why did you have to **** him?
Did I make you mad for something I do?

Why did you have to **** him?
Did you know he was my only friend too?

Why did you have

Why did you have to **** him?
Why did you





Faan Oct 2017
a rabbit digs a hole,
deceives nothing, the rabbit is dead.
but the cunning ones digs three,
and only then, a chance of survival.

if a rabbit needs 2 backup plans,
then why not the same to human?
You haveve yet to complete your task,
why be so arrogant?

tread carefully, think thoughtfully,
you must have tricks within,
if the cunning rabbit has three holes,
then two more you will need.
Always have backup plans
Steve May 2017
Daniela Duff
Was in the buff
That day the milkman came
He winked and said he liked her name
But she knew his game
He was her bit of rough
And though she thought it was a bad habit
He went at it like a rabid rabbit
Also  he gave her free milk and other dairy stuff.
The milkman's name was Ernie!
Stanley Wilkin Feb 2017
The curious activity of men/women

makes me wonder precisely when

both will learn how to conjoin

with rabbits, geese, bull and lion.

Talking incessantly like birds,

roaring like lions. However absurd!

snapping like crocodiles

or habitually waiting in human files,

torturing like cats

water-boarding rats,

rolling like logs

snarling like dogs.

snorting like pigs

gobbling up figs

In everyone an animal lurks

whether saints or jerks!
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