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Evie 2d
it was dark
the parking lot was covered in ice
i sauntered back to the car
the sound of long strides
someone running
i turn around
and there you are
i scream "is that my boyfriend?" like a thirteen year old
you scream back "**** yeah it is!"
i run across the ice, slipping and sliding
jumping into your arms
you spin me around
telling me you love me

and just like magic
whenever you're around
all the darkness goes away

and i am happy

truly happy

i never feel like that anymore

thank you
then him and his friends proceeded to light something on fire in a metal sled they bought at walmart. i feel like a baby sitter, not a girlfriend. its been a good night :)
Evie 3d
from what i understand,
some of you are sad
very sad.
some are mad,
beaten down by life
who wields a baseball bat
with nails sticking out at funny angles

from your sorrow comes beauty
the words you write
so moving

you're all too talented to quit.

so stick around

you never know when things might get better

please save yourself for another day
im always open to give any ounce of comfort to anyone. if you just need to rant send me a message!
Evie 3d
you're like a book i cant put down
i never want it to end
i never want us to end
for my lovely valentine who was ****** enough to get grounded so he cant even take me out. i love you, even of you're a ******* idiot.
Evie 4d
Absolutely ridiculous.
Dangerously outlandish.
Bad choice.
Foolishly planned.
Out of your mind.

But that's all I want.

To get out of my mind.
Evie 4d
You know perfectly well I think love poems
are ******* over rated.
But how could I not write one about you?

I write to stay alive,
I write what ever is in my head.
You are in my head.
You are all I think about.
You said if I write a poem about you,
you would frame it.
Hang it on your wall.

Well here is a little something for that wall of yours baby.
Its certainly not high quality
but it will do.


You are perfect.

Clear blue green lakes, with that little golden ring around the pupil.
Drawing me in.
your gaze is home.
You are my home.

Lips that curl back
to reveal that little smirk.
It makes me melt
every time without fail.

Messy hair,
flipping out from underneath
one of your assorted snap backs.
My fingers love to dance through it.

That slightly crooked nose.
Cute, but a little off.
Still perfect.

Oil scented hands from working on cars.
twice the size of mine.
Always warm.

Your voice has two settings.
Very loud,
and nearly silent.
There is no in between.
You get one or the other.
This is non negotiable.

This is so sappy.
Please someone shoot me before I can continue.

Because baby I can go on for hours.
Evie 6d
it hurts me so much
to know you hurt so much
it rips my sanity apart to know the inside of your head
is a battle ground
with you in the middle
my soul shrinks into a corner
my heart is gripped
in cold
sharp claws
i cant sleep
i cant focus on anything else but you
i know you're sleeping
happy to escape into unconsciousness

please be okay
we're going to make it

im going to call you in the morning
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