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Evie May 2020
ruining my relationship with my parents since 2017

love everyone, except those who don't believe the same things as you.

that's how my mom and dad took it when i explained i didn't think church was for me.
i respect everyone's beliefs, and i personally think the goal in life is to be a good person. just because i don't want to be apart of organized religion does not mean i don't have morals and common sense.
Evie May 2020
it brings me such pain to see love poems written to someone who didn't love me.
the words i poured out over this boy who would cheat on me, and pick at my emotions.
it makes me almost uncomfortable.
i want to go back to comfort my past self.
i want to wrap my arms around her and tell her its okay, and that he isn't the one.

the universe has its ways.
through a cheating liar, i met someone new.
hes quiet and sweet, with a warm smile and dark eyes.
he cares, he is kind.
he understands and shares my dreams and interests.
he is supportive and loving.
i just hope i don't have to look back on him with anger and regret.
its crazy how someone you were so obsessed with quickly becomes the product of trauma and hatred. look out for yourselves and trust your guts. <3
Evie May 2020
i understand the long term affects of my actions.
i may not be an adult,
but i am old enough to understand.
i get it. please stop hovering and allow me to explore the world as i please.
Evie Apr 2020
within my four walls i stay
escaping the yelling
feeling hunted like prey.
check on your friends during quarantine. it hurts a lot of people.
Evie Apr 2020
ive decided this is my official coming back.

i missed all of you.

im currently quarantined with my extremely toxic family and its a struggle to stay sane and mentally healthy.

i need somewhere to vent and somewhere to feel the support of others and in that process i want to support all of you and read your poems and gain knowledge about your experiences.

thank you for being such a lovely little community, and a safe haven for people wanting to put their work out into the world.
hello :)
Evie Apr 2020
i just looked back on a poem i wrote october 2019 about how i thought a girl was "too pretty"

well ive come to realize i am a raging bisexual, so yeah! character development.
this is like a tweet oh god
Evie Apr 2020
hp isnt letting me post and ive just about live laugh lost my marbles
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