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Evie Sep 25
i arrived just in time to watch you follow her into another room

i left just in time to watch the police turn into the neighborhood

i almost called you to warn you

but i realized that if you don't respect me

why should i do anything less for you
dont go to parties. dont to drugs. be smart. dont cheat on people.
Evie Sep 18
i hate spanish

thats all

my least favorite class is spanish 2 its the worst you cant change my mind
Evie Sep 2
i had you for a few days

a few golden days

but then you went to a party, you got wasted, you ****** your ex

and now she isn't your ex anymore
im so done with boys
Evie Sep 2
smoking in the bathroom
falling asleep in class
social hierarchy
sleepless nights
baggy eyes
empty souls
battered and bruised
knives to wrists
hidden by sweaters
hidden by bracelets
seasonal depression
cold rooms
some school things ive experienced :)
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