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Ian Wissler Jun 3
i'm not going to be happy and fulfilled,
to make you feel better about what you did,
your twisted and malicious abuse of my feelings.

no i don't want to be your friend,
i don't want to pretend that it doesn't hurt,
that you looked me in the eyes,
and lied, over and over again.

it's absolutely ridiculous,
that you claim i'm the one that's ridiculous,
because i won't give you what you want,
i won't comfort your guilt,
for the abuse you put me through.
FRITZ Sep 2017
what was this supposed to be again?

I think I left my keys in the car.
the nightbird sings a song
the humid air beats down like
a while-worn five hundred miles.

a roach tapped against the glass.
a gasp is stuck in my throat like
gross times *****-up and eye lids

the keys are in the car and this poem means nothing.
Äŧül Aug 2017
Twins, they are your kids,
Identical they are delightful,
Tie them together you do,
S**ensual feeling for both you & me.
My HP Poem #1654
©Atul Kaushal
Styles Jul 2017
I want to slide my fingers
out of my pockets
into your lap
in between your legs
and push your buttons
until your eyes roll back
into your head
and pass out and go to bed
Em MacKenzie Apr 2017
Ask lone questions that were made for a King,
one who was born mute, blind and deaf.
He'll express the most breathtaking things,
only coming from this final breath.
CE Green Apr 2017
Right here? Right now? its just you and I
and the summer architecture.
Shouldn't be feeling this right here,
right now just isn't the time.
The architecture was flawed to begin with
the lions share crafted in low bandwidth.
Cant seem to understand right here,
right now wasn't fit to abide.
Right here? Right now? just me
and calloused fingers
just uninspired and unoriginal
At wits end with consolation prizes.
"Think for yourself !
Said the man
Rehearsing the poem.

"Forget the lies
Of the so called wise,
Of those whose words are not that sane
And from them who every single thing's to blame !

"Think for yourself !
Dream for yourself !"
Said the man
Rehearsing the poem.

"Don't read those books,
Men'll give you ***** looks,
They rob you of you, as they do me of me,
You better just stay home and watch TV !

"Think for yourself !
Dream for yourself !
Be just yourself !"
Said the man
Rehearsing the poem.

"And don't neglect
And always carefully select
The information you'll receive,
You should always filter what you perceive !

"What are you waiting for ?
Go on then !
Go on then !
Go on then !

Think for yourself !
Dream for yourself !
Be just yourself !"
Said the man
Rehearsing the poem.
I had fun writing this one.
While writing I just imaged the guy very enthusiastic, as if he wants to sell you something, in a middle of a crowded dressing room, in a theater, before a play.
To the day on we march -
We, soulless creatures
Of different hurts and fevers -
To that day when the arch
Of all breaths, colors and features
Will be thrown in the ether
To make the path free
For us to simply be.
Stumme Opfer schreien leis,
Taube Burschen hören aufmerksam zu,
Blinde Laien gestikulieren mit viel Fleiß,
Behinderte Hackler hintersinnen gewaltig dem Tabu,
Sorglose Nymphen beklagen ängstlich die Sitten,
Amputierte Troupiers stehen aufrecht, inmitten
Dieses harmonischen Rabatzes, erläuternd,
Und indessen auf den Irrtum der Menschheit hindeutend.
Dumping old stuff - poem 11
Last one in the dump, methinks
Ich muss diese Gedichte-Serie umbedingt erweitern ...
Nothing is quite the righteous lump of sinew of virtue
Grumbling against licit madness which claims to be true.
Nothing is quite contemplating for and above ones’ health,
Trusting itself to heal all egos long lost and forgotten self' -
Or to be able to ponder about this and that
And be able to wonder at a not so simple and flat
Branch of erratic and fluid as opposed to a fabric hunk
You will always and forever call thinking.
Dumping old stuff - poem 10
Definitely have to continue this one too
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