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nif Aug 2020
Defined by thoughts
Acting Out
Defined by action

Portrayed  energy
Judging words
Defined acts

Choose to hold in
Keeping myself
Toxins arrive

Unaware and caged
Monster Mind  
Effortless Ignorant Enlightenment
Strong Born Weak
shader glued
Wear & Tear Routine

Into the world
demons tethered
No one search
No one find
the key
Drunk-in candy
Consumed coffee
Attic Pets
monsters on my mind
nif Aug 2020
he said baby
you're my angel
tears rollin down his cheek

I said baby
wipe it away
and let me stay

one day maybe
my wings will grow big enough
to cover the clouds

Cuz I can stop the rain
I can withstand the pain
Oh I can stop this rain
Oh I can withstand this pain
nif Jul 2020
I love music
he did too
he played lead guitar
in a band
it was his everything
he never wanted
hear me sing

I love training for a sport
he did too
he was a pole-vaulting
on a scholarship  
together we learned how to get fit
but he'll tell ya
everything I am
he created it

I love fashion
he does too
he has a style
I admire
and from this
I am inspired to bring out my inner style

I'll be the first
to admit it
from the outside
it seems inorganic

like I don't know me
so I try all these new things
but you see
I know what I like
and I know I need more
I too have a need to go out
to explore
and to find new passions
and to grow
and to fall
in love with you
but you must realize
I am woman
I like what I like
I am strong too
guys always think they make you?
nif May 2020
poor plants
I pulled off so many dead things
off these
poor plants
riding them of festering ants
quench their thirst
helping the hurt
plants first
as a mother
I have an overwhelming urge
to nurture
to care
to leave this earth
as beautiful as it ever was
so forever I will pull
off with this dead
plants first
pulling weeds
nif May 2020
your gross
you Capricorn
never let you be the host
your gross

clean up
like how hard is it
harder than living locked up?
surrounded by stuff?

not my responsibility
you have some too you know
we both have to do our part
fill my heart with humility
when the family visits

living without tranquility
**** this nasty
like seriously
you talk big classy

you think I'm sassy?
I am so over it
clean up
Michelle do your dishes
nif May 2020
misty days
of moisture and sun rays
grass as tall as tree trunks
rolling by
a breeze fills my eyes
with skunk

nose blind
we roll on
and on we roll
between the weeds
this private show
no one need no
what goes
on and on and on
inside misty
days of mine

kisses by the sun define
golden brown backs
where nails scratch
eggs hatch
we lay

message relay

you cannot escape fate
nor hide truth
but one thing you can do
is be you
honest and true

no matter where you learn
nor from who
relay races
ideas and encompassed facts
as a matter of lies
I feel that
this poem is out of wack

started writing
what I want
the universe only gives
what I need

always pleased to know
I need not much
but provided
and more and more
I remain faithful to you
and more and more
I give to you
you give me too

Full circle
everything everlasting
dance and sing
from night till morning
these are my days  
rich and plentiful
watch as my garden grows
under the misty rays of my
all over the place but somehow stuck at home
nif Apr 2020
I love this ****
I love my poems
what they encapsulate
and how they help me escape

it was fate
I never realized
now I know for sure
I must have always been a writer
nothing less
nothing more

it is
how I feel
why I drink
and know fake from real
it is
how I think
how I learn
and how I heal

I love my poems
so much
they are everything
in the end it is all that
will be left of me

nothing more
nothing less  
i love it
am I the only one obsessed with this ****?!
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