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भूकम्प, झरी भन्दा आजकाल
सरकारसँग डराउनु पर्छ हामी

विषादी प्रसाद खाऊ भन्छ
शैली : अवलोकन
विषय: जो बोल्छ उही छुच्चो
AsJay Dec 2018
Tonight is one of those nights
When it’s dark and I sense all this pain
So I lay here and wait
For the thoughts to flood my brain

Too far away from light; it seems miles gone
Drifting into levitation with fragments of madness
Darkness throughout; sitting here withdrawn
It’s not just a human it’s an unwelcome sadness

Gone but not forgotten; falling and not stoppin’
Waiting for an idea to catch
My stomach and heart; won’t stop droppin’
I may as well start my scratch

Sometimes I want to cry
I shake my head
Instead I let out a sigh
And say “I want to be dead”

When everything becomes an issue
This feeling I need to question
I whisper that I miss you
Am I the only one feeling depression?

These moments that make me ache and stain
The thoughts I cannot hide
Like a white canvas that looks too plain
I feel so empty on the inside

I don’t want to vent about
Whether I should go through with suicide
But I feel like I’ve been wiped out
By a pesticide
Welcome to Pesticide!
Probably in my personal top three, Pesticide was constructed in 2017 when my life wasn't exactly going so well [to say the least]. In the mind that was contemplating suicide, word effortlessly flowed from this poem which only took 10 minutes to write from start to finish.
That in itself is quite impressive even for my standards.
Hope You Enjoyed This Poem!
If so, let me know what you think.
Thanks. :)

— The End —