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A M Ryder Oct 2019
Just as perfect
As the music is painful
They took their time
Piece by piece
Placing every star
Casting out the constellations bright
And you alike
To the furthest reaches
But never too far
These perfect points set
So you never forget who you are
I am
in a
swiney bead
of breast
when tines
are forgotten
with shrines
of cross
that torn
pages now
drift back
to whole
still pick
the seam
those dark
insignias entrust
the norm
A note on tires
Andrew Leparski Feb 2019
To understand
this solid door
You must come true
and eager for more

There is nothing to be bought
or sold
by bleeding red roses
You are not faulted
or framed
for what the moment imposes

Come to thee
With an open heart in mind
To stand and witness
The reality you've been longing to find

I promise nothing
For if you push the door it will not swing
But if you pull towards your heart
You might be surprised as to what I'll bring

My Everything
Samantha Babe Sep 2017
I am in love. He is in love.
I am friends with him. He is friends with me.
We laughed to our favorite things.
I looked at him. He looked at her.
I walked with him. He talked about her.
I silence. He cheered me up.
I gained hope. He told me stop.
I confessed. But all he can say was sorry.
I cried. He don't give a ****.
Vale Luna Aug 2017
I'm fifty-one shades of ****** up
And thirty-two flavors of freak
Every instinct I have is corrupt
Including the words that I speak

I'm one hundred and one crazy dogs
And sixty-nine perverts in one
My existence goes against all odds
But the list is nowhere near done

There's thirteen reasons why I cry
And ninety-nine problems I've got
One of them’s the way I long to die
And the way my insides rot

I'm four seasons of misunderstood
And seven layers of bad luck
Cuz the bad always shoves out the good
So why should I give a ****?!

There's six, six and six demons I hold
From fifty-two weekly mistakes
My secrets are often always told
So I get used to the heartbreak

I'm two hundred and twelve wildfires
With three point one four percent logic
I only have primal desire
So the rest of me is toxic

I'm fifty-one shades of ****** up
And thirty-two flavors of wild
I've gone beyond the normal “corrupt”
And beaten Christian Grey’s style.
For my 50 Shade fans!
Lucrezia M N May 2016
Constellations spoke no words at all
when they could right interfere,
some missing points to draw a line
maybe the ones I've never had.

When the day comes it's already gone,
back and forth, in the end stuck here
for reality is my thorn and my spine,
then I can't separate good from bad.

The measure of time won't be long
so it's been what until now I steered,
there isn't more than meets the eye
I'll never know myself what's inside my head.
Truth to be told to myself
xmxrgxncy Jan 2016
One for the girl who doesn't want it

Two for the boy who does

Three for the man who shuns it and scorns it

Four for the grandma who knits

Five for the uncle who's ma's disappointment

Six for the burdened mother

Seven for the cousin who's the runt of the litter

Eight for the sister who's drowned in a shadow

Nine for the godmother whose hands are *******

And Ten.


For the boy who happens to make my heart sing

and ten more for the boy

who has angel wings.
Only he will get how this point system works...:P
solEmn oaSis Jan 2016
" Hear ye, hea..

but, wait a second!

What is this hear say
that there is no forever

Don't they really know
it does really exist
how about you? Yes you!

you who's reading this one moment in time,
what is your stand?
or maybe can we just sit
and talk awhile  this precious one

let me put it this way
for instance, you are the smart sender
and i am the silent receiver
do you think that whatever you say
i am about to ignore or pick it up as an essay

If there is a *lie
in the
middle of the word believe.
Just like lovers often do, they've gone
to broke-up because there is an over
at the rear of the word lover.
even those friends with best of reminiscence...

became unwanted all of sudden
where is now their companion?
Sadly, they had been finished
because the word friend has its end!
Now i will tell you something
it was started with one thing
not just anything but everything...

can't really last forever, yes there is nothing!
Yet in every rule there is an exemption
just like the natural law, 24 hours a day
night  changes into a morning glory
full moon into a quarter moon
from a star unto falling star
the spark having a kindling
from translucent to transparent

from sunrise to sunset
for what comes up must come down
being temporary to permanent
from permanent to change
and when the cold and darkness are absent
then the said "light and heat"
are the sanctuary and the existence of forever
So the word FOREVER it self do change
No hint just like our life span!

Never can tell by anyone and couldn't be scan
those unpredictable infinities and beyond.
that was the existence of forever would be!
And so i shouldn't be *over.

but i must end the lie that there is no forever
in fact, i would like to be apart of you!
You that i consider like my wind blows
Wind blows changing hues
Hues delighting our feelings
Feelings saying that we have the same bloods
Bloods overflowing into the root word of so called families
Family that no matter what happens it has... i, l, y,
i, l, y, which means i love you, yes i do!
Yes i do! but if you don't,, let me continue my disjointed introduction
**" Hear ye, Hear ye! viva forever!!, viva forever!!! "
forever (10w)
Changes are the living proofs of the existence of forever!
Wade Lancaster Sep 2015
The needle
The pen
providing fine points
for disasters end
Do you also find this interesting how both the pen and the needle can be both?
How* can you possibly
like my poetry.
If you haven't even be bothered to read it
You haven't even responded to them
Perhaps a occasionally would be
Nice thing to do
Some are hugely liked
And others have comments as long has your arm
That doesn't matter as long
As it speaks right to the heart.
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