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brandychanning Jul 2023
near three years, nearer to eclipses,
since last scribed here, been there
been loved, mistreated, done my share
of giving beatings, for the deserving,
never been any body’s biatch, no starting

men look at me, their eyes self-seducing,
a crook(ed) finger never summoned me
or any self respecting woman of valor,
with a full fist of words, a tongue sharper
than a deli slicer, if looks can ****, then
left my fair share of men on the Riviera,
the Hamptons, the Gold Coast, uptown
and way downtown where the cool kids
pretend play @ being prey hunting grownups.

ya, hear your thinking and it’s stinking,
my generated magno-electric vibes that’s
to blame, get this kids! never your fault
being whom you the actual F are, it’s their filters
that ***** their vision, their desires unbidden,
casual dispensed, thinking glory is theirs to share.

my road is not broken, there are signs even I spot,
when the man I crave is nearby, whose calm is not
couched cool, who doesn’t wear his possessions on
his sleeve, one who says adventure, yes, let’s go,
never saying when, for the only when is what both crave,
the loving of immediacy of “right now,” and add
to that pithy, my name, Brandy, acknowledging it’s
me, just me, he addresses and not some vision that
was crafted by others into an ideal,  and ‘because’ is
not sufficient but the perfect rationale, to trust what
your absent father called your “finely tuned instincts for
human finery, humans who eclipse ordinary stars

they tell the weather will be hot
the sun will be Perpendicular to the Tropic of Cancer
the degree will increaser
the sun left its hot at lower

you can feel the anger
of the land when you step over
your brother shout at louder
you will be ordered to dismiss by mother
the silent will be there
that is the father's order

the neighbor closed his door with his power
the water makes a deal and does not appear
the woman asked his man to go wider
to get some fresh water and air

they go out and become traveller
the hot becomes their nearer
the birds fly over the branches
they searched for water to be calmer

the time seems to pass slower
the leaves do not move announcing at clear
there is no air
even beside the sea or nearer
the hot weather changes the mood of man kind and makes him feel with trouble
the prophet after the battle
he had to get a rest
he slept at the shadow of the tree

his citizens distributed at the place of the battle  
they slept as they tired
one of the enemy hide away

he sneaked little, little
he took the sword
which the prophet hanged high

he put the sword toward the leader
he asked the prophet with great confident
who will prevent you, honey?

only one movement, he might **** the messenger
the prophet saw with clear and spirit
"allah" means" God, God" with bravery

the sword was fallen at nearer
the prophet took it and asked,"
who would prevent you? "at true way

the man said,"Oh! Muhammad! be the best taken,dearer"
Muhammad answered," go without wait"
the man returned with interest and busy

they asked," what is the matter?"
he answered," i came from a person, who is the best!
mercy means that do not punish your enemy as they want
Earl Jane Jul 2015

                                                              ­      I dig deeper into your love,

Not knowing the deeper I go,

                                          The nearer I get to hell.

                           © Earl Jane
                             ♥ E.J.C.S.

— The End —